A Quickie

First off - Thank you! to everyone who commented on the HNT post. I like to comment individually but they got away from me while I was at work and now the task seems overwhelming. Even though I feel like I'm being rude by not commenting I was kind enough to turn off the word verification so I should get good hostess points for that! I will be checking out all of your HNT posts this weekend.

As far as biting goes, Sweety is A-OK with it. I prefer being the biter as opposed to the bitee though. That is probably a good thing because he has a big mouth and could probably take my arm off if he gave it a good bite.

These sheets are what make my bed kick ass. I like to lie (lay?) in bed and pretend that I'm an ear of buttered corn. That is how good they feel.

I just caught Tiny dog with an empty Starburst package. There were no candies left in it though. I have a feeling that she got on the table and knocked them down and then Stinky ate the candies. There were only 4 in there so surely she will suffer no ill effects.

I might let Sweety go for some 75% nekkidness in the future. Maybe if I can get him into this picture taking thing I could talk him into upgrading the camera. Hmmm...

It was neat as hell getting off work last night at 9:00! That was my old lunch time. I'm really liking being home in the evenings. I do despise getting up in the morning though. I need to devote myself to the lottery more.

Right now I need to go back to bed!


MollyNormal said...

Glad you're liking your new hours. There's nothing better than being at home in the evenings, lounging, watching TV, doing whatever.

(Or in my case, giving blowjobs at 11:30 at night. UGH I'm so freakin tired today!!)

bekah said...

Mmm, our sheets are all 600 threadcount, also. It's so wonderful. We've spoiled ourselves - anything less just feels like cardboard to me. Makes me wanna go crawl into bed now.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

I had a dog eat a pack of disposable diapers once, and she's fine. If that didn't kill her, I'm sure candy will be fine! :)

Dirk the Feeble said...

I like to lay in bed and pretend like I'm corned butter.

Chickie said...

Mollynormal - You need to find a more ergonomic way of doing it. That way you won't be so wore out the next day!

Bekah - I almost wanna take them with me when we go on vacation. They are so comfy!

Bonanza Jellybean - She appears to be okay. I'm starting to think these dogs have stomachs lined with asbestos.

Armaedes - Being corned butter would be good too. I'd want to be real butter though, not margarine.

Scott said...


I have to ask why the naked photos, strike that...why the naked photos on the internet and what is HNT?
I know I have been away, but what have I missed.
SK has dissappeared and the world has gone mad.

Zube Girl said...

Must get those sheets.

Zack once ate like thirty chocolate chip cookies. He was okay.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love flannel sheets myself..but there is such a variation in their comfiness and coziness you know?
Sounds like your new schedule is really working out very well...Congrats on that!

Chickie said...

Scott - Click on "Obasso" on my blogroll to check out HNT (Half Nekkid Thursday) I think SK's disappearnce is linked to the world going mad.

Glad to see that you're still alive. I was wondering about you.

Zube Girl - The sheets will make it seem like you have a new bed! Zack must have an asbestos stomach too.

OOLOTH - Wow, your name's just too damn long to type :) I've slept on some flannel sheets that I liked but some of them get pilly. That bugs me.

Thanks for the congrats!