I Think It's Funny

Check out www.joecartoon.com for some horribly amusing cartoons. The gerbil in a light socket is my personal favorite. I just laughed til I cried. There was something that was very stress relieving about electrocuting a cartoon gerbil.

The pool's birth has begun. They leveled the ground a couple of days ago but haven't started digging yet. The guy that was driving the machine was driving like a lunatic. They didn't call to let us know they were starting. I'm glad I didn't have Stinky dog in the backyard because she'd have probably gotten mowed down. Hopefully, we'll be swimming by April...

The boys go back to school Wednesday! I cannot wait. It'll be sooo nice to be able to run around naked on my days off again.

Heh heh. Something funny (well, I thought it was funny) happened to LB(9) at his mom's house yesterday. He's playing with a walkie talkie and some guy's voice comes on.

Guy: Hey, how are you doing?

LB: Fine.

Weirdo Molester Guy: Where do you live?

LB: In (insert city here)

Sick bastard with a twisted sense of humor: You only have 6 more days to live.

And at this point LB turns off the walkie talkie, goes into hysterics and calls Sweety. I know it's not kind, but I laughed my ass off when I heard this and told Sweety that the kid shouldn't be talking to strangers. Sweety said that's what the EW told LB. I bet the next 6 days will be nerve wracking for the kiddo. Little pouty turd.

I'm gonna go tidy LB's room or do something nice for him to make up for the fact that I got such a giggle out of his emotionally disturbing incident.

As a note, I would be worried if he'd given his address. And since the boys don't wander the neighborhood I don't think anyone will try to hunt down and snatch LB up.

I'm not totally evil.


Anonymous said...

It was probably a fifteen-year-old. Grown-ups don't say shit like that to little kids.

Amy said...

I have to agree... probably some jackass teenager screwing around with daddy's cb radio. I hate teenagers and I even *own* one.

Poor LB... talk about learning your lesson the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Glad that they have finally started the pool. Ours was covered in snow and ice from two weeks before Christmas until Monday. Once its in how long will you be able to use it?

And I'm sure it was a teenager on the CB. Obnoxious but harmless.

MollyNormal said...

I just got caught up on the last week's worth of entries. I'm totally jealous of Sasha!! Oh what I'd give for a laptop! Glad you had a good Christmas and I expect an invitation to a pool party when it gets done!

Chickie said...

We got the boys this morning and LB told us that he gave the guy his name. So we had the "don't talk to strangers" talk again today. I figure it was just some kid goofing around.

MCB - I think if the pool is done by the end of March we can swim in April.

Mollynormal - Go find you some guy with a couple of kids and a fucking crazy exwife - approximately 5 years later he will reward you with a laptop.

You'll be one of the first to know when the pool is ready!