Cast Of Characters

Me, a childless stepmom. This is my second (and last) go at marriage.
I work second shift (Sun, Mon, Thurs & Fri) at a place where my main function is to take verbal abuse. Before meeting Sweety I was busy working 2 jobs and being really selfish. Getting an instant family has kind of tamped down my wild streak. I used to think I wanted to have babies but having kids here most of the time makes me really enjoy the alone time that Sweety and I get. Why mess with a good thing?

My wonderful other half. (I'm his third, and most charming, wife.)
I adore this man. He is perfect. He puts up with all my little quirks and still seems to love me. And he is tall and cute. He has primary residence of the boys so they are here a little more than half the time.

BB (big brother) & LB (little brother):
Stepsons - ages 11 & 9

Stinky dog aka Tasha:
Bassett hound with emotional issues.
Since I quit washing her every 4 days in medicated soap, she is no longer stinky. It seems I was burning her skin off thus causing the stink. But the nickname has stuck.

Tiny dog aka Oy:
Cracked out, eye booger eating, wall eating chihuahua.
My baby surrogate. I spoil this dog tremendously. As Sweety says "She's cheaper than having a kid."

Widowed exwife of Sweety.
I spent 3 years trying to use my thoughtbeams to give her a brain tumor and instead it landed on her husband. What crappy aim I have.