Day 13

It's been 13 days since my lipo. Woo-hoo! It was like doing 5000 sit-ups in 2 hours. Not that I was fat to begin with. Went in to see about getting a breast lift/reduction and the doctor told me he didn't do "massive reconstruction". WTF? I don't think they look that bad.

So I figured since I was there may as well see how much it would be to get rid to my inner thighs. I am now 3500 poorer but do have thighs that don't touch, a FLAT tummy, no back fat making a line where my bra sits and a butt with some shape. I am most pleased with the tail. I've always had a flat one and whatever he did looks great. It no longer looks like an Asian butt. I wouldn't recognize it in a line up. I love it. I will wear my first bikini this year that doesn't have boyshorts for the bottom. I am so pleased.

My husband thinks my plan is to get my body in great shape and quit my sucky job to be a stripper. I think he knows I'm not social enough for that profession.

I completely despise my job. Last night was horrible. There's nothing like answering phone calls for 10 straight hours with people shrieking on the other end. You'd think by 2 a.m. people would go to bed to rest up and get ready to make waitresses cry the next day. I was aghast at some of the things people said last night. Had to take a break and decompress (cry and talk myself out of quitting) in the bathroom. I need to get back to not taking it so personally.

Hopefully, I will re-read this next year and be at a happier place in my work situation.

Must go nap now before getting the sprogs from school.

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