Not a lot going on here. Need to go exercise but I'm gonna wait til I'm pretty sure the perky girl that comes in to workout early is gone. I don't like being in there when someone is bouncing off the walls. It's not encouraging. I truly realized what a weakling I am this weekend when I saw the girl that I was working out behind had the weights set to double what I use. I didn't realize it at first and almost flipped myself off of the one of the machines because the setting was so heavy.

Don't think I'll be taking stinky dog to the park today. She'll just have to get her exercise when I follow Sylvie around the block on her bike today after school.

EW called Sweety yesterday to thank him for our contribution in the sympathy card. As atonement for the horribly evil things I have wished on her I suggested giving her money. Sweety was not agreeable to my first suggestion of 2000. I think his response was something along the lines of "What kind of pills does your doctor have you on?" So we gave her 500. He said he felt like if we gave her more it would be like saying to her that we have money just laying around. I told him that in the situation she's in she probably wouldn't think about it that way, would just be glad that she had it.

Hopefully I will not run into her at the school when I'm getting Sylvie today and she's getting the boys. I think we've both been trying to time it so that doesn't happen for the last few months. I hope to see her again at BB's graduation in 8 years.

I think maybe I'll take a tiny nap before exercising. Then I'll be nice and perky for my walk with the dog later. My work schedule so has my internal clock messed up.

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