Saturday Photo Fun

Feeling Unnoticed
A freshly washed Tiny dog and Stinky dog. She wears the look of confusion for a few hours after the bath. She is modeling one of the new necklaces that I so graciously made for her on Friday night.

She knows that the party has officially started and that she will be eating popcorn soon.

Sweety is hiding from me. I said something that embarrassed him and he locked himself in the bedroom. I had to pick the lock to get in. I wish I had a recording of the mewling sounds that he was making.

He's not embarrassed any more. Just pissed. Every time I looked at him he would stick his tongue out.

Slant eyes
I just delivered a blow to Oy's butt. She was trying to get to my glass and for some reason when she feels air on her ass she'll stop whatever it is that she's doing. (hey! me too!)

All in all, it was a rather nice night.


bekah said...

In that first picture, Oy looks like she's just in heaven because her bath was just so nice and now her new jewelry and the beautiful shirt! Ahh, bliss. I fucking love her.

Zube Girl said...

Tiny is too cute. Pissed off loved ones look just as cute sometimes! :-)

littlefeet said...

did you let Sweety know you had a place for that tongue?? and he was to only stick it out if he meant to use it for a good purpose????



txsm said...

It looks as if it wasn't just popcorn she was happy to be getting! LOL!

Chickie said...

bekah - That is a nice interpretation of her expression. I think she's trying to figure out a way to eat my head in retaliation of getting washed. She despises baths.

When I win the lotto and have a few clones made of her, I will send you one!

zube girl - Sometimes I like to annoy Sweety just so I can see him get all riled up. Hee hee.

monkey - I actually told him that and usually he gets right to work but I'd poked fun at him a little too much. It took a couple of hours before he forgot that he was peeved with me.

txsm - She has quite a taste for tequila. I think it's the Mexican in her.

scorpy said...

Sounds like a good time!

Of course, it was kind of confusing. You say you delivered a blow to Oy's butt, then you said when she feels air on her ass, she'll stop... So, um, did you blow on her butt????


Chickie said...

scorpy - I blew on it to get her off the side table. I guess the sensation of having air shot up her ass completely distracts her and she forgets about the food on the table for a little while!