Not An Easy Death

Now appearing: The slaughter of an egg.

Mr. Egg
(Note the freshly applied fingernails! Do not note the chewed cuticles. )

Bombs away!

Houston, we have a problem.
I'm not very good at multitasking. This is the first time such a problem has arisen.

"Victory is mine!" sayeth Mr. Spoon.

Zube Girl did a damn good job of putting a terrified look on an egg's face too.

And for any Tiny dog fans - here she is getting into more shit. The thing she's on is right behind me when I'm on the computer. I'm thinking of putting some Cheerios or something into those little square holes to give her something to do besides try and tear up other stuff in the house.


txsm said...

OMG! Too funny! Yeah, I have to admit....did some sacrificing of eggs this morning...I think you've started something....now I have this urge to buy more eggs and draw faces.....jeez, we have way too much time on our hands! Hee-hee!

Chickie said...

TXSM - I'm gonna try boiling some before they are sacrificed. I think they'd make a more "meaty" noise.

Zube Girl said...

I LOVE it! Hee hee.

Zube Girl said...

Oh yeah, and I love how your egg is looking you right in the eye! You are diabolical. I don't know if I could've followed through with it if my egg's eyes weren't closed. Heh.

Chickie said...

Zube Girl - I've gotta give it to the egg - he was very brave. And defiant.

anne arkham said...

He had such a will to live!

KyuBall said...

ACTION SHOTS! I love it! If you scroll fast enough, it's almost like stop-motion video...only different.

Next, you'll have to show us step-by-step how to insert a smilie face over boobies.

nosouthernbelle said...

Not the poor egg!!! Careful I'm sure some social activism group for eggs will be on your case soon! Oh, I sympathise with the small dog issues. Our pug has hit its terrible twos!

MollyNormal said...

RIP Mr. Egg...

THat was great! When I read your original post about the egg-slaughter, I thought for some reason you meant you would *crack* and egg to watch the *yolk* perfectly disappear into the black hole of the garbage disposal.

Hmm. Might be fun to try, eh??? :)

Chickie said...

Anne Arkham - But his brothers that are still in the icebox had wills that were stronger.

Kyuball - I don't think the insertion of smileys is nearly as thrilling as egg death. But I guess we all have our own opinion.

NSB - I'm ready to fight for my right to slay eggs in my own home. Once I buy an egg it is mine to abuse as I please.

I'm afraid this may just be my dog's personality.

Mollynormal - But if you just dump the yolk in you won't get the nice sound effect of the eggshell being crushed. And I might get some evil egg yolk on my fingers if I cracked it first. *shudder*

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

She is just the cutest little honey...into everything isn't she? Funny funny doggie! And I did some Dive Bombing ehhs earlier this evening...Sooo satisfying!! YEAH!

Mark Leslie said...

That's hilarious! Poor little eggy. The yoke's on him.

startingnew said...

lol...remind me not to have you get mad at me :-)

Midwestern City Boy said...

This is just too funny.

What do you like better? Sacrificing eggs or kicking toadstools?

Chickie said...

OOLOTH - I like to think that I've helped start a revolution! If more people put eggs in their disposals the world would be a happier place.

Mark Leslie - The other eggs that are still in the carton quake with fear whenever I open the icebox now. Hee hee.

Startingnew - If you won't fit in the disposal you'll probably be safe from me.

MCB - I really can't decide. They are both very satisfying in their own way.