Night before last I did something I didn't think I'd ever do. I couldn't get any sleep. At about 3 a.m. I thought "Hey, Mom sleeps in her recliner when she can't sleep, maybe that would help?" I wasn't ready yet to go throw in the towel and embrace the fact that my decrepit self needed to sleep in a chair but by 3:30 I was ready to try anything. I slept 2 hours in the chair and felt fine when I woke up. I'll be ready for my AARP membership soon.

The current song stuck in my head: Portland Oregon (there's a 30 second ad to get through before the video). It's on Loretta Lynn's album Van Lear Rose that was produced and arranged by Jack White. And I know that it's been out forever but I just heard it. I downloaded it during a break in my porn downloading fest last week and I bet I've listened to it a hundred times.


Mike said...

Membership in AARP has its benefits. Maybe you can even get a discount on a new recliner after you wear out the one you have now.

I love that song too. Such an unusual pairing too. The video is pretty cool too.

Porn downloading is just so much fun...isn't it?

Anonymous said...

{quote mike}Membership in AARP has its benefits. Maybe you can even get a discount on a new recliner after you wear out the one you have now.{/end quote}

hahahahah! But hey, I need a new recliner myself, my back is sucking today. Should have slept in mine...lol

Have a good one Chickie!


Chickie said...

Mike - I'll be sure to see if AARP can get me any good deals. I'd really like one of those chairs that raises up and launches you into a standing position.

I really like the way their voices compiment each others in that song.

I heart porn.

Kat - I wish I'd have thought to get in the chair much earlier in the night!

Midwestern City Boy said...

Sleeping in a chair doesn't make you old and decrepit. Being old and decrepit makes you old and decrepit. Maybe you need a new bed. I know we really need one. It was miserable when I was heavy. Now that I'm lighter, its just uncomfortable if I'm in it too long.

Chickie said...

MCB - I don't think it's the bed. Our bed is fantabulous. Usually I can lay in it for up to 15 hours before the thought of bedsores gets me up. Honestly, I think I'd been sitting funny playing on the laptop all day and it tweaked something in my back. I am loathe to admit that to Sweety though.