Here we are at the Land Of The Mouse. Don't we look festive? It was the last thing we checked out before going home. I was so ready to leave. Stranger in the corner is some kid who was lying on the sidewalk.


And this is me checking out the slide in the kiddy play area. I got going fast enough that it hurt my ankles when I landed. I love slides. And merry-go-rounds.


The pool digging has officially begun! The first thing BB(11) asked was if he could go play in the hole after the construction crew left. Kids don't have very many useful brain cells. Sweety was looking at the hole and thought they put it too close to the house but I managed to convince him that all was going as it was supposed to before he called the pool place and ripped into someone. We're supposed to have so many inches of deck away from the house and the hole was cutting into it by 4 inches. I figure by the time they concrete the pool and put the coating on it, we'll get the 4 inches back. That was my expert explanation.

I can't wait to have a pool to take some Half-Nekkid Thursday shots in it!

By the way, the laptop wasn't utilized for downloading pictures today. I tried but kept getting an error message. I think I'll read the instruction book at work tomorrow.


L said...

great photos! you two look so CUTE!

Chickie said...

L - Thank you!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL..Not a bad idea that about reading the instructions, though I'm usually loathe to do yjay, myself!

anne arkham said...

Kids don't have very many useful brain cells.

So true.