How evil are you?

Who would've thunk it? I answered the questions honestly and I feel there is an error in their calculations. (This bit of fun was stolen from Pusher Robot.)

This has been an odd day. My friend's last day at work was today and he went home early. I actually teared up when I was telling him I'd see him later. This is the sucky part of making friends at work. You all go your own way after awhile. The place I'm at has a pretty high turnover rate. I've never seen anybody getting a retirement party.

Sweety tells me that some friends of his were in a pretty bad car wreck and I get home and see in my email that my friend in TX was in an accident too. There must be something in the air.

I did get to experience some of my favorite things today:
I love getting in the elevator after a smoker has gotten off. That stench of someone else's smoked cigarettes is a real delight to the nostrils. Don't these people know they stink?
I got screamed at more than usual on the phone today. That's always a real morale boost.
There was a Tiny dog turd waiting on me in the bathroom when I got home.

I'm going to cheer myself with some porn.


anne arkham said...

I did great!

You are evil. Aaaaah! You are one creepy soul. You always do what is not right in a situation, and believe that you are meant to take revenge on society. On the bright side, you can turn back, and it can get worse.

anaglyph said...

Altogether now:

"We'll all burn together when we burn, yes we'll all burn together when we burn..."

Unless it's Dore's Hell, in which we'll freeze our butts off.

Scotty Ice said...

ahhh...nothing like porn to end a evil day!!

Mike said...

Evil is not such a bad thing as long as you use it for all the right things.

Porn always makes me happy after a bad day.

Chickie said...

Anne Arkham - Ah, a kindred soul!

Anaglyph - Good company makes any trip any where interesting.

Scotty Iaasc - It helps shake of the negative vibes before bedtime.

Mike - I try to not be all willy-nilly with the evil and only use it in what are appropriate situations. Though appropriate can always be justified.

Porn always makes me happy after any day.

bekah said...

That test is crap. It says I'm evil, and that's not possible, because I'm made up of sugar and spice, and everything nice!

Zube Girl said...

Oh, I hate when work people I dig on leave. Hate it.

Enjoy the porn!

Midwestern city Boy said...

The test said I am neutral so it must work correctly. ;)

Do you put Tiny in a cage or let her run around when you're not home. She could start leaving you "gifts" every where.

Amy said...

Chickie ~ the evil thing really doesn't surprise me. But, now I feel the need to take the quiz...

What is the deal with smokers? (oh shit, it's official I watch too much Seinfeld) I don't think those people realize how much they stink! Cigars don't bother me (ummm, correction, good quality cigars) but cigaretts... GAG!

Chickie said...

Bekah - *cough*cough*bullshit*cough*

Zube Girl - I think I'll just go back to not talking to anyone I work with. That way I won't have to deal with anyone I like leaving.

MCB - You seem like a pretty nice guy!

The dogs stay in the bathroom when we're gone. Usually she doesn't go to the bathroom in there but I think she'd eaten something weird (pencils) that had to come out.

Amy - The evil thing kind of surprised me. I think of myself as vengeful, not evil.

Being around people when they're smoking doesn't bug me but for some reason the smell of stale smoke does.