Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Tuckered out

This was taken while watching t.v. the other night. That's my knees they're snugged between. I had to kick them off after my feet went to sleep.

So far this morning I have: Napped. Napped some more.

I am really not going to turn this computer back on til my house is clean. Surely, you will all hear from me soon.


BO Snagley said...

nice nose.
I do like a nice moist nose.

Chickie said...

I love their noses. They are nice to touch.

bekah said...

Oy looks a little suffocated there. This is so cute. I never would've guessed they were laying between your legs, though.

Scotty Ice said...

Great pic!

wanna come and clean my house??


Joey Polanski said...

An wile yer cleanin th house, whatll them dogs do?

Nap. Nap some more.

Chickie said...

Bekah - She was stuffed even farther in there but came wiggling out when I leaned to get the camera. I think she likes her air filtered through basset hound fur.

Scotty Isaac - As long as you don't need it clean anytime soon. Greatness cannot be rushed.

Joey Polanski - Lucky for them that they don't have to work to earn their keep. They'd starve.