Cupcakes Deliver a Beatdown to Muffins

A couple of weeks ago I bought a crumb cake mix and baked it up in cupcake tins. And it was good. Reeeeally good. <--insert Nacho Libre voice there. Have I mentioned that I've seen that movie twice? Popcorn for the brain and it made me hurt myself laughing. So good that the boys wanted to eat them for breakfast and that gave me an idea. "Hey! I'll let them eat this CAKE for breakfast and then next week I'll make some healthy muffins and they'll be in little baking tins like these so they'll be falling all over themselves to eat them!"


The fat-free wild blueberry muffins did not go over as I'd anticipated. They each ate one right after they were made but when I offered them for breakfast the next day they said they'd already eaten some drywall and were full. The box says "Taste so good you can't tell they're fat free." but that's a lie. The only way I found them palatable was if they were cut in half with butter smeared on them.


patti_cake said...

Ha Haaaaaa kids are so smart sometimes. I would eat them same way, with real butter smeared all over them. Dammit now i'm in search of some muffins and breakfast is over. Tomorrow....

Joey Polanski said...


So Ill add muffins to th list o "Things I Shoont Eat, If Offerd By Chickie."

Heres th list, so far:

1. Muffins (probly gots drywall innit)

2. Samwich (probly gots cat-food innit)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Why is it that everything that tastes really really fabulous is NOT good for you??? That Crumble Cake Nuffin Tin deal sounded fantsatic! The Blueberry Ones? Not good at all.
Did they actually say "dry wall"?

Amy said...

HAHAHA! But, really, what ISN'T better sliced in half and smeared with butter, huh?

bekah said...

The muffins would probably be yummy if you heated them in the microwave and put vanilla ice cream on top. Everything is yummier with ice cream.

NeverEZme said...

I'd eatem the same way you did chickie!!! Or with sum good strawberry jam!!!!!!

bellacara said...

that was a good one (drywall)

did you ever see the Cosby routine about eating cake in the morning!?