From Headsets to Hit & Runs

I hate seeing people walking around with those phone headset things clipped over their ears. Who can be calling you that it's so important that you must keep that thing strapped to your head all the damn time? I'm a pretty polite cell phone user. I don't talk on it if I'm walking around the grocery store or anywhere in public where other people would have to listen. I'll walk off to the side somewhere and not subject everyone else to whatever I'm gossiping about.

BigBrother and I went to the library this afternoon and saw that there was a police officer there escorting unattended kids out. If you were hanging out at the library, waiting for your mom to pick you up after school then you had to wait outside. I don't think that's fair. It's not like the kids were being loud or anything. BB was afraid the officer would tell him to go outside so he wouldn't go look at books by himself and just followed me around instead. I told him he didn't have to worry about that but he didn't like the idea of the police even speaking to him.

Speaking of police...

There have been a few instances around here over the last few weeks where officers have been ran over. Apparently, the officers on motorcycles will stand somewhere and when they clock someone speeding, they will walk into traffic to shoo the offender onto the side of the road to get their ticket. One guy is being charged with murder because not only did he run an officer down - he also fled the scene. That kinda freaks me out because I could see myself doing something like that. Honestly, I'd probably just keep on driving til I got home and could call Sweety and freak out if I plowed someone down. I just don't think it's a good idea to stroll into oncoming traffic even if you are a policeman. Whatever happened to chasing people down with your blue lights flashing and pulling them over to give them a ticket?

i thought it was funny I'll never look at a pickle in the same way.


MollyNormal said...

I don't blame BB! I wouldn't want to have a cop come up to me either! I'd get all nervous, even though I'd know I hadn't done anything wrong... at least not lately. :)

Midwestern City Boy said...

The library will change their tune when everyone is home using the Internet and they are begging for patrons; but then it will be too late. Children and young adults have LONG memories and seldom patronize establishments that threated them poorly as youths when they grow up. And, as a parent, I'm not sure that I want to contribute tax dollars to someplace that is only nice to my kids when I'm around.

anaglyph said...

I hate people who are welded to their mobile phones too. Like, exactly who has telephone calls that are so important that they must be in contact every bleedin' moment of the day. Probably only a handful of people. Everyone else is a wanker.

A tip if you're pulled over by the cops (if you're a woman): bat your eyelids, act dumb and apologize a lot. It never works for men, but I know a girl who constantly gets let off, and that's her strategy. Chickie, it's really not a good idea to mow down the police.

Thomas Vickers said...

As much as I love libraries, I don't spend much time in them. It is soo much easier to search online, reserve my books, then have the wife go pick them up. It keeps me from seeing strange people who I won't like.

As for cell phones, I really want to take some and shove them so far up certain people's asses that they will need a doctor to answer it the next time it rings. I hate cell phones.

As for police, they probably have a no chase policy like Houston, so they resort to freaky tricks to stop you. In Htown if you see a cop behind you flashing the lights for a traffic stop, don't pull over. They can not chase you down over a traffic stop. In your case, I would keep going then swear exwife had borrowed the car.

Ginamonster said...

I got pulled over like that once. I didn't know what was going on, I thought the officer was asking me to turn around because of an accident ahead! there he was in the middle of the street motioning me over. And we all know that California does not have a "No Chase" law!

bekah said...

What the hell is a no chase law? And I think if they're stupid enough to walk out in front of a damn car they should know that there's a HIGH CHANCE of them getting plowed the fuck over. That's just idiotic.

patti_cake said...

Cell phone users annoy me also. I'd love to tap them on the shoulder and say "Get over yourself, Mmm kay?"
So sad that BB is subconsciously being deterred from using the library.
It serves any dumbass who walks out in front of a moving car right if they get their ass run over. End of story.

Chickie said...

MollyNormal - Even though I'm totally innocent, I don't want interaction with the fuzz either.

MCB - You are exactly right!

Anaglyph - When we're out and someone gets a call on their phone, Sweety will say (loud enough for the offender to hear) something along the lines of "oh! he must be the one making the decision to push the nuclear warhead button!"

That act has NEVER worked for me when I've been pulled over. I know it's not a good idea to mow an officer down but I could so see myself doing it.

Thomas Vickers - I have to snoop around in the library to see what I want. I rarely have and idea on what books I want before I go there. I have done the online reserve thing a couple of times and it is handy though.

I like your idea for cell phones. Maybe I'll get some rubber gloves and do that someday.

I don't think we have a no chase policy. The cops that get out in the road are usually parked near an exit ramp where the speed limit has just changed and they're nabbing people getting onto and off of the interstate. I think it's just quicker for them and they can catch more people by motioning them over.

Ginamonster - If someone were to wave me over like that, my first thought would be to think that it was a serial killer pretending to be a police officer.

Bekah - The no chase law is where the police can't chase you for a traffic violation. So as to avoid killing innocent bystanders during a speeding chase because someone a stop sign or something.

Patti_Cake - It really pissed me off when I realized why BB didn't want to go look at books. So when I got finished doing what I was doing, I followed him to the few things that he wanted to look for. Before, he'd always liked snooping in the books himself.

Becky said...

OMG! I always ask my husband just WHO could be calling these people that is SO FREAKIN' IMPORTANT, that they can't PUT ON the freakin' EARPIECE when the phone rings!

I mean I think it's fine like when you're driving, or if you're getting lots of calls over and over, but in general, yeah, sitting in the Olive Garden with your earpiece in...JUST LOOKS STUPID!!

The other day, my husband has 1)his earpiece in, 2)another CELL PHONE on the other ear, and 3)he was holding our HOME PHONE. The doorbell rang and he ran to go answer the DOOR! Dork.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't get that whole earpiece thingy at at all. I see so many people with them here in L.A. Driving, walking from their car, etc...And I know a lot of people who use their cell phone wherever and whenever...I understand the convenience of this at times..BUT....it does feel inappropriate sometimes to me. Glad to hear you feel the same way....I thought maybe it is because I am "older"...(lol)

I LOVE that dill doe...Very Veey funny, Chickie. Where did you find that?

r.fuel said...

Sounds like BB is hiding something. It may be time to check the backyard for bodies.

Debra said...

So instead of the officer following you a short distance (and generally quite safely) pulling one over, they should step out into traffic and become a small and hard to see target? What kind of idiot came up with this one?

The dill doe... I don't know if this is going to affect the way I look at pickles or at my toy collection more!

Found you via 25Peeps, BTW.

Chickie said...

Becky - You know what bugs me worse than the earpiece? Those phones that are like walkie-talkies so everyone hears both sides of the conversations. Agh!

OOLOTH - I just think there are some times that you just don't need to be on the phone.

I don't know where I found that cartoon. I thought it was cute though!

R.Fuel - You've just given me something new to worry about.

Debra - Thanks for coming by!