I worked yesterday so I could be off on Sunday. We're going to see the Yankees play in Tampa. I'm excited. No dogs + No kids = I can drink beer and eat nachos while watching the game! I don't really know too much about baseball but I do know that I like spending the night in hotel rooms and getting to take an hour long shower without having to worry about the water bill.

Tiny Dog bit the hell out of me last night. I was putting a shirt on her and she didn't like it. Perhaps I should take it as a lesson that dogs don't need to wear clothes? Nah, I won't.

I have to get the house clean today so the dog sitter doesn't freak out when she comes over to walk the canines this weekend. There is a mountain of laundry staring at me and various bits of clutter are mocking me throughout the house.

I wonder, are people that are "morning people" all grouchy in the evening like I'm grouchy in the morning?


Becky said...

I've always wondered that too. I wish there was a parallel universe for us night owls...where stores didn't shut down...schools that started at noon and went into the evening...it would be great for me! i HATE mornings!

patti_cake said...

I hope you have a GREAT time this week-end! Eat some nachos for me.. Mmmm.. nachos. Not sure about the night-owl thing as i'm happy to be up and about bright n early. Made you gag didn't I? LOL

bekah said...

OMG You'll have to eat a baseball stadium hot dog for me... I LOOOOOVE baseball hot dogs... best hot dogs ever! And drink a huge ass beer for me (considering I can't do that, it's your responibility to pick up my drinking slack right now).

Chickie said...

Becky - Isn't it just nicer to be awake when the sun isn't blinding you? Screw sunrises.

Patti_Cake - So, being a morning person and all - do you not like the night time?

Bekah - I will be more than happy to imbibe in your honor! Heh, maybe I'll send you a photo!

NeverEZme said...

Maybe Tiny Dog didn't like the color or style. hehehe

I go see the Detroit Tigers every Saturday that they play at home!! I have season tickets!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I am a morning person and I am grouchy 24/7, so no worries

Chickie said...

NeverEZme - The shirt she bit me over is this week's Half Nekkid Thursday photo. Maybe she feels yellow isn't her color?

The Phosgene Kid - Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.