Bink! Bink! Bink!


I like to say that when I've been drinking. Whenever my feet hit the floor - "Bink!" (in a really high pitched voice)

It's been a crappy bit that I've slogged through and I'm blowing off (heh, I wrote "blogging off") steam tonight.

Sweety grilled me when I came home. He noticed that my blog posts have fallen off lately and thought that I was doing some top secret blogging elsewhere. He didn't know that I've been spending all my free time sleeping and eating cereal instead of blogging.

Christmas songs have been running through my head today. I even caught myself singing some of them. Silver Bells...Silent Night...That song that goes "have a holly jolly Christmas... And then on my way home all I could hear was the "Gin and Juice" song by Snoop Dogg. I leaned way back in the seat of my SUV and pretended that I was a gangster on my way home.

I might look up what to drink gin with. (Hey, Mike! How do you drink yours? For real.) I held a bottle in the store tonight but didn't get it because I've never drank it before and didn't know how to drink it. I stuck with what I know. Tequila.

Yum. Must find food. And more tequila. And I need to corner Sweety to pet.


Joey Polanski said...

Sweetys worryd you might be bloggin in secret?

Aint he worryd you got a pretty serios binking problem?

(P.S. Why not start wit gin & tonic? VERRRRY English. Gin & tonic & Dickens A Chrismas Carol is prrrrrrfeckt! Othrwise, gin & OJ is fine, or gin & ruby red grapfruit juice -- you gangsta, you!)

bekah said...

On our last cruise, Mark had a Gin & tonic in honor of Mike, and I tried some, and it made my tongue scream and my eyes roll to the back of my head. It was so very, very nasty.

Go to a bar sometime and get a Gin & tonic before committing to an entire bottle at a liquor store.

Anonymous said...

I drink Gin with a little bit of tonic and a lime. Honestly, it is mostly Gin. It is an acquired taste. The first time I ever drank it, I thought I would die. Years later after my taste buds had been disarmed, I discovered that I really liked it.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Gin tastes a lot like turpentine, actually. The Brits used it to kill the taste of the tonic water (it contains quinine) they drank to fight malaria.

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - Sweety's okay with the binking problem because he can see it. The idea of secret of blogging is too much to bear.

Bekah - I think I will go the bar route to pop my gin-cherry. Good idea.

Mike - I'll burn my tongue on some soup before I try it.

The Phosgene Kid - I should add it to my health care regimen. I like limes with tequila to prevent scurvy and this can help with malaria!

Thomas Vickers said...

Gin is the devil's drink.
Flavored with Juniper berries.

As much as I hate tequila, I rode that horse last night too.

Damn shots.

IT got ugly.
The Big T is not a holiday drink.


Chickie said...

Thomas Vickers - That horse totally stomped my ass on Friday night.

For some reason, I think that "six" is some sort of magic number. I'm gonna lay off the booze.

Til next week.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How about a Tom Collins? Or does nobody drink thpse anymore??
Then there is always a good old stand by: The Martini!

But, wait till next week, my dear! (lol)

Bob said...

G&T's are excellent when well mixed and served with a lime. Go with Tanqueray, IMHO it's the best gin and available most places.

Tom Collins are also good. I've never had one in a bar, but you can buy the mix. Be warned, the lemon juice gets hard on the throat.

My two poisons are Tequila and Gin (separately of course). I have read that these two give particularly bad hangovers due to the fact that both plants they are created from (Agave and Juniper respectively) are poisonous by themselves. Not sure if it's true, but a good gin hangover is not fun.

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