Sick. Phooey.

LittleBrother was sick this week. He said that his head hurt reeeally bad when he coughed and I told him that he was imagining it and to suck it up. Well, I've got the shit now and he wasn't kidding. My head is on a continual throb and if I cough or laugh it feels like I'm being stabbed in the temple and all I see is white light while I'm coughing. I feel bad for accusing him of being a drama queen.

I wanted to leave work early but didn't because I'd just received an award today for being a fantastical employee this quarter. And I like my supervisor so I don't want to do anything (such as leaving early) that would make her look bad. So when I was having a blinding coughing fit, I'd pet my award and remind myself that I probably wasn't going to die. But what a relief it would've been if I'd have just keeled over to avoid the head hurting.

I'm all doped up now and hoping that I'll feel better tomorrow.

Sweety is gone for a few days so me and the girls (Stinky dog and Tiny dog) have been living like bachelors. We just had a dinner of Spaghetti-o's and Frito's. I'm picking the boys up from their mom's house tomorrow night on my way home from work so I can take them to their football game on Saturday. Their cuntofamother is unable to take them to the game. As a matter of fact, she hasn't seen them play yet this season.

Good grief. I am dinged out. Gonna go blog surf til my eyes give out.

It's Friday morning and I feel like what flaming dog shit smells like. What a wonderful day this will be!


Debra said...

I think this is going around here too. I haven;t had it yet (had everything else lately though) but had two friends hit me up online today to tell me they were home from work with much the same symptoms. Ugh.

bekah said...

Aww, I'm sorry you're sick and having blinding coughing fits, but congratulations on getting the super fantastical employee award. I've never gotten an award for being at work. I feel very jipped.

Amy said...

WOO HOO on the award...

But... OMG!!! That cold/cough thing SUCKS. We had that around here a week or so ago and I hate to tell you this, but if it's the same thing... the cough seems to LINGER.

Thomas Vickers said...

Since teachers are skeptical lot, when a kid wants to go to the nurse, I give them the Mr V interogation.
1) Are you bleeding out of your nose?
2) Are you bleeding out of your ears?
3) Are you bleeding out of your eyeballs?
4) Are you puking?
5) Is anything broken?

Usually the answers are all "NO" so I tell them to sit down.

One day I went through my speech, then, after the last "NO" answer the kid leaned over and showed me the bloody gash in the top of his head.

I am talking Head caked in blood type of gash.

His brother had hit him in the head at the bus stop with a cinderblock.

I learned quickly to have a bit more sympathy when a child tells me that they don't feel well.

Joey Polanski said...

Way to stay at yer post, Chick!

Ill make sure yer employr shells out for a FIRS RATE funeral -- FULL HONORS!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Just say no to drugs, walk it off Chickie!! You can get the boy's mom season tickets to their games for next year...

Midwestern City Boy said...

How do you know what flaming dog shit smells like? Did one of the dogs have an unusual accident?