Or "Thank Goodness It's Finally Over!"

Bye, Christmas! This year, I was glad to see you go!

The Christmas spirit just didn't invade me this year. I've been pretty homesick this past week or so. My Mom called me yesterday and I cried when I got off the phone. I'll be glad when this summer gets here and I get to visit her and my sister.

My gift to Sweety was a flight simulator game that he'd been wanting. I didn't realize when I bought it that you could also get a joystick controller to use with it. Last night, (with just having the keyboard and mouse to use to "fly" his plane) he played with it for maybe 30 minutes. Today I went and got him the joystick and he's been at the computer for the last 3 hours. Whenever he comes out of the back room, he's all flushed and smiley. Glad that he likes it!

It's cold and windy here right now. Why is it that the moment I take Tiny Dog outside to piss that she's gotta plop down and lick her coochie? I'd think that the cold wind on the spit would be uncomfortable on it. Or maybe she just likes killing time and watching me shiver as I try to get her to pee? Rotten dog. I should hook her up with a catheter. That'd teach her!

Took the sprogs to see Night at the Museum today. It was good. Anything that I can take them to see that is watchable with no cursing in it gets an "A" in my book.

Time for bed. I have to get the house in order tomorrow and must be well rested for it. It's hard work, cracking the whip and making the boys do things.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like Sweety was really having a great time with his new toy...and the joystick...well, it sounds like the BEST drug available, with no side effects!(lol0
Don't you finf that the Holidays often bring up these feelings of missing something or someone....Especialy your Mama....
You always make me laugh, Chickie, when you talk about Tiny Dog....LOL! She is a Hoot, and so are you, describing all the things she does, including licking her coochie! HA!

Chickie said...

OOLOTH - He sat and played that game for about 4 hours. The only side effect is sleep deprivation!

This Holiday season really kicked me good. I'm glad that the kids had a nice one.

That Tiny Dog is one of a kind!

bekah said...

When you come visit your family this year we HAVE to get together. Seriously! I hate that we haven't done it yet. Are you driving out or flying?

Chickie said...

Bekah - It is my goal to swing by your part of the world in 2007! We'll fly. We drove once and that will NEVER be done again with kids in tow.

Scott English said...

Ok, I am curious what the name of the flight simulator that you got Sweety is.

I am also planning on taking my wife to see Night at the Museum at an IMAX. I am interested in what your thoughts are about the movie itself other than being a clean movie you can take the sprogs to see..

Chickie said...

Scott English - Microsoft Flight Simulator X. He seems to really like it.

The movie was actually good. It's one that I'll buy when it comes out on DVD. I think it would be neat to see at an IMAX theater!