Taking Care Of Business

I've spent the major part of today helping LittleBrother(10) with a social studies project. I've spent so much time dinking with pictures in PhotoShop that my eyes are burning.

While LB and I were working on the project, Sweety built a new bed for Stinky dog. The problem with Stinky is that she sweats a lot. In the morning, when she gets up from her bed, the floor will be slick with sweat. Have you ever slid in Basset Hound sweat and almost busted your ass? Not a nice trip. The bed is a wooden frame with supporting beams under it and it has feet on it to raise it off of the floor and give the underside of the bed some air circulation. Hopefully, this will keep the floor from getting soggy and Stinky dog from growing mushrooms on her side.

I'm sure that you are all familiar with camel toe but have you met her relative the moose knuckle? I found that while looking at useless shit online today (when I should've been working on the social studies project) and just wanted to share.


Anonymous said...

1. I love Kelly. The camel toe picture only makes me love her more

Moose knuckle is WRONG

Cissy Strutt said...

No wonder poor Stinky is sweating, it's the tension from reading all those huge Stephen King novels!

Chickie said...

Thomas - Ha-ha!

Cissy Strutt - Oh man, I feel guilty now. That's also probably the reason she has nightmares too!

Anonymous said...

Oh My God....Moose Knuckle. That is one scary thing.

Regal said...

Mooseknuckle was so damn funny I had to save it!

Midwestern City Boy said...

Kelly R's CT is fine; but the MK makes me think that some people should always wear dresses.

BTW: Stinky (and Tiny for that matter) is spoiled rotten.

Chickie said...

Heh, the moose knuckle was pretty extreme.

The bed isn't an indication of Stinky's spoiledness - it was a necessity! Really! :)