Wrecks & Bugs

Not much has been going on here.

Some guy ran into me Thursday morning. I was stopped, with my blinker & lights on, waiting to turn onto the road to get to my house and he rear-ended me. Dumbass. He tried to swerve to the left (INTO oncoming traffic) and hit a truck that was coming from the opposite direction. It totally wiped out the front end of his car and the other truck. The bumper on my car is mangled but that's it. He actually drove under my car. I think the only thing that kept him from decapitation was the metal U-thingy that's on my car's frame that is used to pull it out if it ever gets stuck somewhere. The U-thingy is where his car stopped and peeled over into traffic.

I've been telling Sweety that I want to trade in my Honda Pilot for a VW Jetta but my mind has been changed. If I'd have been in a little car when he hit me, it would've messed my ride up much worse.

It was cold last night in the Sunshine State and Sweety wrapped the trees up in blankets to keep them warm. It was my job this morning to unveil them. I noticed a few little bugs on one of the blankets and flicked them off to unwrap the tree. What did I find on the tree trunk? Bugs! Aaaaagh! Tons of them! I was so freaked out that I knelt in and took a close up photo. I wanted to properly convey their creepyness.


I don't know what the hell those things are but I don't like them. Usually, if I find a big wad of bugs (ants or spiders) I like to kill 'em. These were just too freaky to kill and there were too many of them. I wish I had a blowtorch. I bet they'd stink if you burned them though.


Anonymous said...

those are totally gross. I will be having flashbacks and heebie jeebies all day.

Chickie said...

They are still swarmed on the tree in the front yard. It is driving me crazy to look at the window and see them moving on the tree. I may have to take drastic measures.

bekah said...

I bet the bugs appreciated the warm blanket during the cold night. That was very nice of Sweety.

Anonymous said...

They look a little bit like what we call Box Elder Bugs in the Northern Climates, but the color is too bright. Step on one and if it stinks, it is related to the Box Elder family.

Midwestern City Boy said...

If they were on my tree I'd be be sure to find out what they were so I could get the right kind of poison and give them all a nice "gift".

Amy said...

They look like nuclear cockroaches or something... AUUUUUGH!!!!!!

Frustrated Mom said...


Last Fall, we had a bunch of bugs that looked similar to these, but they were more black with red markings. They were ALL over the front of our house. We sprayed them with the hose and they just kept hiding in the siding or up under the window sill. They were really creepy!

I think they are some type of beetle, but I'm not sure what they are called. We've seen them quite a bit around here in the last few years.

You will have to let us know if you toasted them or not!!

patti_cake said...


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

They are creepy, but in a strange prehistoric way....I wonder what the hell they are??? I can see why you didn't kill them...They have this thing about them like you can see that they "feel" things....Indeed, Creepy, but very very interesting.