Chickie Dines Out

Yesterday BigBrother and I rose before the sun and went to Busch Gardens. LittleBrother stayed at his mom's house because he is a chicken and didn't want to ride Sheikra. I deviated briefly from my diet when I ate a piece of chicken and shared some fries with a squirrel. (I was about 2 feet from him when I took that picture. He was a whore for the fries.) It was a brief deviation because right after eating we rode a roller coaster twice and I puked my guts out. I really hate vomiting in public restrooms.

That evening we watched Ghost Rider. It was a good popcorn-for-the-brain kinda flick. Then we ate at Red Lobster and had the worst fucking service ever. (I know, I know - what else should I expect from there?)

It took 7 minutes after being seated before someone came over (A host I think. Not a waiter.) and he said he didn't know who our server was but he'd get our drinks. 8 minutes (Yes, I was timing this shit.) after getting our drinks a waitress came over and said that she'd take care of us since nobody else was.

BB and I were going to split an order of king crab legs and some shrimp. I asked her to please come back to the table since she was the first person to really do so and even though we were splitting an order that I was going to leave a decent tip. The food came out and it was rather dismal. The waitress said that when she was putting the crab legs in to cook that she'd noticed that there were a lot of bits and pieces and that they were going to cook a couple of legs and bring them out. (So, you saw this when you dropped these bitches in the boiling water? Why not fix it then instead of having this conversation with me now?)

Of course, the crab bits & pieces that she did bring out were cold. But we ate them anyway. It was late and we needed to get home. I didn't want to bitch just then because I knew we were going to eat them and I didn't want it to look like I was scamming for free food. I even left a $10 tip on a $40 check because I'd decided that I wasn't going to come back again (Decided to make my last Red Lobster tip a good one.) and if I share food with someone I don't want the waitress to think I'm a tightwad. (Geez, why should I care what she thought?!)

On the way out I found the manager and told her that I'd had a really bad experience there a few months ago when I found hair in my food. I told her that when that happened I was especially peeved because the waitress was so nonchalant about it. And that on top of having a lengthy wait before being served - the food that I'd just eaten was cold in places. She was very nice and asked if I'd already paid. I told her yes, that I didn't say anything because the food was edible and we did eat it all so I didn't complain before paying because I wasn't looking for free food.

I don't know what I wanted by complaining. Just for them to know that I'd had 2 shitty little experiences there. She gave me her card and asked me to please give them another chance and let her know if I came back and that everything would be perfect for me. But see, I don't want to have to get a manager's attention when I eat somewhere for things to be okay. Shouldn't they be good anyway? Bah.


The Phosgene Kid said...

I think Red Lobster has a requirement that all its employees be lazy and stupid - I have yet to eat at one where the service wasn't abysmal and the food low-grade dog food. Red Lobster is the reason people hate sea food. That squirrel, on the other hand, could have proven pretty tasty...

Midwestern City Boy said...

There are bad employee's everywhere but Red Lobster does seem to have more have there are share. If the service is bad, he don't tip well; otherwise, there's no incentive for the server to do better.

Chickie said...

The Phosgene Kid - Red Lobster strikes me as the McDonald's of seafood. I've only had squirrel once and it wasn't bad!

Midwestern City Boy - Generally, I tip according to the service. This time was my one exception.

NeverEZme said...

We all should be thankful we didn't eat at the Walmart Bakery where the customer saw rats in the display case!! Don't remember what state it was in. My wife and I do not eat at Red lobster because of their lack of service.

patti_cake said...

Not a Red Lobster Fan but definitely a roller coaster fan! You & BB rock Chickie!
P.S. I kinda snickered at you calling LB a chicken.. is that wrong?

Thomas said...

I hate rollercoasters
I hate red lobster

What do I like?
Oh yeah, your blog.

I am back and it feelssss good.

How are us non myspacers supposed to find your other blog with your whore posts?


Chickie said...

NeverEZme - Mental note to self: do not eat anything from Walmart

Patti_Cake - It is not wrong that you laughed. I actually referred to him as "chickenshit" to Sweety but felt that was too mean to splatter in the post.

Thomas - Ah, the whore blog. It died a little death. I just didn't have the brainpower to build up traffic to it. It's turned into a place where the boys' grandparents can check out pictures of the boys and very sanitized blog posts. It makes my teeth hurt to type such friendly things.