Stinky & Tiny

Nothing says "I love you." like eating someone's eye boogers. Don't you agree?



Sara Sue said...

Yay!! A pooch video! Send the Tiny One over here, Barkley has got *food* and love enough for two tiny dogs!

P.S. will there be time for a tequila video in the near future??

Regal said...

Nothing like doggie kisses!

bekah said...

OMG I looooove how Stinky rolls all around. It's so adorable!

And as per usual, Tiny looks fab. She is getting a little hefty around the mid section, though, you may want to have her start running on a treadmill or she may not fit into her size 0 anymore.

patti_cake said...

Yep that's love!

~*Kelli*~ said...

I think the cutest part is your little voice telling Tasha what a cute baby "her is." OMG. I talk to my dogs EXACTLY the same way. And you know what...our voices sound a lot a like!

Chickie said...

Sara Sue - You'd send Tiny back as soon as she started eating your walls.

I'm gonna have to wait for my cameraman to feel better before I produce another tequila video. I'm feeling the need to tie one on though. Maybe I'll do something special for you this weekend!

Regal - Amen to that!

Bekah - It cracks me up when Stinky acts like that. It's her morning routine. After rolling around crazily, she'll chase Tiny all over the house. Tiny is on a diet. I got a little pretty glass goblet thing and it tickled me so much to watch her eat out of it that I may have been overdoing it. She's back to eating with Stinky out of the same bowl.

Patti_Cake - It's thick in the air when Stinky shares it! You can not escape it.

Kelli - Oh yeah, I talk to her all the time. You know, here is really the only place that I call her "Stinky". But in real life I do call Tiny "Tiny". Or TinydogOy - all ran together like that.

I think everyone that comes out of TX gets that voice!