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This was one loooong day.

The boys had a baseball game today and won in the last inning. The score for the whole game had been 1 to 0 in the other team's favor. I turned my thoughtbeams on and helped our team score two runs. I despise the parents on the opposing team. They're the sort that really rub it in when they win or get a run and it was very pleasing to see them all shut their pieholes and swell up like boiled frogs when their precious team lost at the last minute. Heh, heh, heh.

On Thursday night, Sweety got a wild hair up his ass and announced that he would be taking the whole baseball team & families out to eat pizza tonight. I think I had a minor panic attack today just worrying about it. I managed to make it through the event without stabbing myself to death with a bent fork.

Then we came home and took a walk. A long walk. My feet are still burning.

I bought some new jeans today! Sized smaller that they were when I bought some just 3 weeks ago! For once, I didn't want to kick the mirror in the store's dressing room. I swear, once I get down to where I want to be, we're going somewhere and running around naked as the day is long.

Anybody out there ever been to a nudist resort? I never have but I'd like to go at least once. I think it would be neat to stroll around with the breeze hitting your bits. Mostly, I want to go somewhere that I can skinny-dip in the ocean without worrying about being arrested.

Here's Sweety's surgery wound. He made a joke the other night that I could shove a breadstick in it and I told him I'd use a garlic breadstick because they're salty and it would sting. I figure if you're gonna stab someone with bread that you need to cause the maximum amount of discomfort.


Tom Mulhall said...

Hi Chickie,
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If you don't want to fly to Palm Springs to try nude sunbathing, you have 2 great places to go topless or nude in Florida. You have South Beach in Miami Beach where you can legally go topless sunbathing. Then you have Haulover Beach in Miami. It is about 185th St North and it is a very famous and popular nude beach. If you want to talk with me, feel free calling 800-786-6938. Ask for me Tom. we answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST.

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Malnurtured Snay said...

"wild hair up the ass"

Wow, the imagery this called to mind ...

Mike said...

Dang, that's quite a gash.

USAnudist said...

I hate to see a woman in need, so here's a coupon for a free visit to the best nudist resort in Florida and possibly the world.


Sara Sue said...

Nudist camps are fun ... as long as everyone is nude. Oh, and be very careful about your nipples, extra sunscreen. Not only is that one gnarly sunburn but the peeling is simply horrendous! I, of course, will expect pictures :)

Miswestern City Boy said...

Let me know when and where you're going to run around naked as the day is long so I can make plans to be there. ;)

That is a big scar. How is Sweety doing?

Regal said...

Ouch! that scar looks like it hurts!

bekah said...

Are you SURE you don't mean a wild "hare" up his ass?

Chickie said...

Tom Mulhall - Thanks for the info on places here! I've been snooping but hadn't happened upon the places in Miami.

Malnurtured Snay - Not pretty, eh?

Mike - It creeps me out. Sweety likes to lean in and try to touch me with it. I scream.

USANudist - Oh, cool! Thanks for coupon! Now I don't have any excuse to not go.

Sara Sue - I'm actually suffering from peeling nips. The tanning bed got me. I think I need to make a photo album just for you!

Midwestern City Boy - I'll be sure to let you know!

Sweety's doing okay. He still hurts a lot but he's feeling better.

Regal - I'll just be glad when it's not all oozy.

Bekah - I dunno if one of those is up there. I'm not checking.

~*Kelli*~ said...

Hedonism III. been there, done that, LOVED LOVED LOVED it. GO!

Chickie said...

Kelli - For some reason, Sweety says that he will not go there. Actually, Sweety says he will not go anywhere that people run naked. I'll change his mind though.

patti_cake said...

Girl you kill me. You are so twisted.. I love it!