The official start of hurricane season is 3 weeks away but there is already a named storm (Andrea) out there. Fuck hurricane season in the ass with a brick. One of those big cinderblock bricks, not a little red one.

And O.J. Simpson - Fuck him with that same brick too. Gets kicked out of a restaurant because the owner doesn't like him and now Simpson's lawyer says that the incident was racially motivated. WTF? It doesn't seem as though the business owner had a problem with his race. It seems more to be that it pisses him off that O.J. got away with murder and is still popular in spite of that. Go to McDonald's, jackass.

I've spent the last 2 hours online, drooling over Nintendo Wii's. I want one very, very, very, very much. I've been to every store in my area multiple times over the past 2 months and can never get there when they have them. I'm beginning to think that the damn stores don't ever have any but put the ads in the paper to attract customers. Maybe I will get brave and order one online. I got my butt burned buying something pricey online a few years ago and have shied away from it ever since. I sure am dying to play Zelda: Twilight Princess though.

Have you ever drank carrot juice? I had some this morning. It was okay as long as I wasn't breathing and didn't have to breathe in the carroty smell. I'm glad that I didn't get a huge bottle of it though because I don't think it will become a diet staple.


Kerstin said...

I was in the same predicament with the Nintendo Wii, and finding one in our area. I broke down and got a new one on eBay. Paid about $100 more, but it was worth it to stop the waiting on the stores. Although as soon as I bought it, I found out they had them at a store near by. Karma is a bitch sometimes. But I'm so glad we have it. I have become an official sufferer of "Wii arm" from so much play time.

Sara Sue said...

I love carrot juice, especially freshly squeezed! It's so, so good for you too!

Rich | Championable said...

I saw that interview with the owner. It doesn't seem racially motivated to me in the least.

The Wii totally rocks, dude. Just don't break anything by accident when you're using it. It's easy to do. Trust me on that one.

Mike said...

What makes the whole OJ thing even worse is knowing that the stupid SOB should be sitting in jail right now for killing two people. I wouldn't serve the ass either.

Cissy Strutt said...

To ingest the carrot without having to resort to a nose peg, mix in a little citrus juice (orange, lemon, whatever). I like the taste of it mixed better than straight. In the 80s, my friend FifiLala drank far too much carrot juice and her palms turned orange - true!

Chickie said...

Kerstin - Yeah, I just know as soon as I get one online that they'll be at the local store cheaper.

Sara Sue - Maybe it's tastier freshly squeezed. What I had wasn't too yummy.

Rich Championable - It wasn't racially motivated. His lawyer is just a weasel.

I am worried about the breaking of things. I may have to clear some knick-knacks out of the room after we get one.

Mike - Exactly. The guy is a slimeball.

Cissy Strutt - Thanks for the juice tip! I'll do that tomorrow!

Sara Sue said...

That vibrating pussy kinda makes me nervous!

Regal said...

Betcha if you mix the carrot juice with pineapple juice it'd be good.

OJ - loser - and he kindly obliged but now has an issue. The owner of that restaurant used to have a photo of him/her and OJ up on the walls years ago, before the incident, and took it down when it happened so I think that proves it was not racially motivated.

patti_cake said...

I like the old school Nintendo but I can't hop on the new expensive bandwagon although the hub does have a gamecube.
OJ is a tool. Period.
Try V8 Splash it is a mixture of carrot juice and fruit juices and even the diet version is GOOD. I couldn't do plain carrot juice. Ack.

bekah said...

I have a Wii and I love it. It was actually Mark's birthday present but I play it more than he does. Super Paper Mario is THE SHIT!

Chickie said...

Sara Sue - It means no harm. You're safe here. Really.

Regal - I acutally did use pineapple and it was tasty! OJ's just stretching out his 15 minutes any way that he can.

Patti_Cake - I've been eyeballing the Gamecube but I'm afraid it wouldn't satisfy me and I'd still get a Wii. Damn, wanting stuff stinks.
V8 Splash? I've never had V8. It looks like you'd need to chew it before you could drink it.

Bekah - I looooove Mario. Love him, love him, love him.