Attention: People Of The World!

See this? This is the July 2007 edition of Esquire. Not only is the most appealing Angelina Jolie on the cover (and on the inside!) but Stephen King has a short story (that is pretty good!) in there!

This month's magazine is like my wet dream that's come to life. I think I'll go buy several copies so I'll always have one around.

Oh.My.God. Nothing will snap you out of a pleasant daydream involving nearly naked starlets like Stinky Dog flopping down for a nap at your feet and letting loose with some flatulence. Bah. I may as well get up and start my day now.


Scotty said...


Did you hear the joke that Angelina Jolie is so sexy that when she lays out on the beach, all the other sean animals nearby beach themselves out of respect!

Its from the Chuck Norris vein of jokes.....

Sexy cover!

Liar Liar said...

Ooohhh yeahhhhhh. A little Angelina to start the day.

I have to sympathize with you on the dog fart thing. That's quite the wake-up call!

Patti_Cake said...

Honey my little Reilly can let loose some eye watering ones. Ick. I sympathize. Went to 1408 last night, was that the Stephen King story in the mag perchance?

Chickie said...

Scotty - As far as I'm conceerned, she's a force of nature!

Liar Liar - It's upsetting that an animal so cute could do something so rank.

Patti_Cake - The Stephen King story is new! I was so excited to see that! Was 1408 good? Well, even if it stinks, I'll go watch it.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL....Oh the stinky farts ruin a Wet Dream again!

Thanks my dear for the Birthday Wishes!

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - I think Stinky doesn't like me thinking about anyone but her.

You're welcome!