My New Favorite Photo

At the lake

I think this Independence Day was one of the best days that I've ever had. We got to the lakefront about 4 hours before the fireworks were due to go off and got good seats. It wasn't hot and it was nice just sitting around and goofing off with Sweety and the boys. We were all silly and had a fun time.

Oh! Guess what I got today? A super comfy love seat and chair and a bookcase! I have been wanting a bookcase forever and a day. The coffee table is on back order but it should be here soon.

A bookcase! I have a bookcase!

Pay no attention to the tiny picture hanging on the wall. I'm on a hunt to find a some sort of huge bit of canvas art to go there. If anyone knows of a good website for that sort of thing, let me know. I've spent two hours online looking at different sites.

And we also got a new kitchen table. It is especially good for tall folks. Sweety can sit in the chairs and not have his knees all scrunched up under his chin. My feet just graze the floor when I'm in them.

Tall table

Sweety picked out and bought the furniture without me a couple of weeks ago and I was afraid that I wouldn't like it but I'm very pleased. (And you know that me being pleased is most important.)

We were so pumped up about the new furniture that we decided to get some stuff for the bathroom.


That wall had previously been blank. Tiny Dog really appreciates the decorations. She said it makes the bathroom seem more like a home than a shitter. I wish you could smell the bathroom - there are some smelly beads in the candleholders and they smell great. A very strong blend of vanilla and jasmine. Hopefully, it will mask the canine smell after a couple of days.

Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary. Time has really flown by. The first couple of years that I was here, I was so freaked out that that time is really a blur. The last four years are remembered pretty well. When I got home last night, Sweety had cooked a yummy dinner for me and then he showed off one of his many talents.

There was no Half Nekkid Thursday photo this week because I got ate the hell up by some sort of tiny flies at LittleBrother's(10) baseball game last Tuesday. There must be a couple dozen bites on me. You know what an ant bite looks like? How it gets a little blister in the middle? These bites are like that. On my neck, arms, elbows, fingers, legs and feet. I am one itchy motherfucker. I've been dreaming about scratching myself. I want to take a wire brush and just scrub all the bitten spots and then douse them with bleach. I have a feeling it would solve the itch problem but would lead to some nasty scarring.

I'm gonna go scratch now.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

WONDERFUL picture of your family, and great new furniture, too!
You sound very happy Chickie...except for those awful bites! Don't scratch too hard, my dear!

You know the bouganvilla does seem to have a faint faint aroma...though I suspect it is another flower in another garden...lol!

Mike said...

Great furniture Chickie. Sorry to hear you have been eaten alive by some rabid insect. Normally we have to deal with mosquitoes this time of year in Michigan, but it has been so dry that they are no where to be found. Thank God for global warming.

Joey Polanski said...


Best o luck refurnishin th baffroom.

They dont make a loveseat turlet, do they?

Mybrid said...

Congratulations on the furniture and Mazal Tov on your anniversary.

Here's a website to see if you can find something for your wall:

Liar Liar said...

I have to agree with your pick of most favorite picture. That's an awesome shot of the family! And the looks on their faces are happy, content, silly . . . a perfect blend!

Rich | Championable said...

Damn, dude! Except for the itchies, what an awesome holiday!

That pic of the fam is especially cool because there's a cool left-to-right motion...like there's a wind that the photo captured really well. (May not be true, but it looks really neat.)

"Kelli BoBelli" said...

Lovin' the furniture.

I didn't know your anniversary was so close to ours! And only a year's difference! Very cool!

Came here to link "cunt of an ex-wife" on my blog. I love that term!

Sara Sue said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the latest "Sweety Talent"! The family photo is beautiful and so is your home! I don't know why you couldn't take a picture of one of the bites to fulfill HNT ... you are now two weeks behind.

Slick said...

Well, hopefully you're itching has been cured by now...at least I hope it hasn't moved to other areas!

Dang, new furniture? You sure musta been a good girl

Cissy Strutt said...

Great pic of the happy lads. And lovely new furniture - it's so nurturing to put beautiful things in your home, and beautiful smells, of course!

My advice for itching is to scratch somewhere else where it doesn't itch. Try it.

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - I am trying to stay away from the bites but they are just soooo damn itchy!

I just imagined that something named "bouganvilla" would smell divine.

Mike - Usually it's mosquitos here too. I thought that I was having good luck the other night because there were none of those around. Little did I know that the biting flies had ran them off.

Joey Polanski - The very last thing that my marriage needs is a loveseat turlet.

Mybrid - Thanks for the site! I'll check it out!

Liar Liar - It's rare that I can get them to all look at me and take a good picture. It really captured the day.

Rich Championable - It was pretty windy when I took the photo. I was happy that a camera phone photo turned out so well.

Kelli Bobelli - So glad that I can pass a good phrase on to you! Someone found my blog through the search "fried cunt" the other day. Makes me wonder what the hell they were looking for.

Sara Sue - I'm pretty sure it's in the HNT rules that you won't show a photo of a sore or anything too gross. I'm going to have to do something really good to make up for my 2 week absence.

Slick - I am always a good girl.

Cissy Strutt - I just tried that and it's hard to not scratch somewhere that there's already a bite. I'm not kidding, those suckers chewed me up good. I've been rubbing some stuff on the bites and it kind of numbs them but every now and then I'll whack one on the wall or something and it gets mad.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Congratulations on your sixth wedding anniversary. I am glad that you and your husband had such a great day. You two are meant for each other and it shows. I wish you many more happy years together.

Regal said...

Happy Anniversary - great photo of the men! and great furniture.

patti_cake said...

Happy Anniversary and that is a wonderful pic of your guys!
I love your house, you are doing so many things, I know it's exhilirating.
Don't scratch those ant bites. They are a BITCH. I've got a scar from one.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy furniture!! Hope those weren't Tsetse flies!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

The boys carve their names into the top of that table yet??

Scott English said...

Happy 6th Anniversary!

I was quite impressed with Sweety's balancing act. Very talented man!

Hope those fly bites are well on the way to being forgotten by now.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope you are off warming up for tomorrow. The welts from the bugs gone down yet???

Chickie said...

Midwestern City Boy - Thank you! I'm glad that we found each other.

Regal - Thanks! I just wish I'd have had my good camera with me.

Patti_Cake - The bug bites are looking pretty yucky. I'll be glad when they fade away.

The Phosgene Kid - Tsetse flies? You and me both hope that's what they weren't!

I'd pick they boys' eyes out if they so much as scratched the table yet.

Scott English - Sweety is full of interesting little surprises. The balancing thing did make me nervous though.