A Good Day

good kidsThe sprogs and I went to the beach today and had a large time. I was going to take the kids to one place but then found another smaller beach without so many people. I was really proud of finding my "secret" beach but when I told Sweety about it (after we got home), I was informed that the reason that there weren't many people there is because some sort of sewage plant dumps into the water not too far from there. So, we won't go back but we're not any worse for wear for being there. The kids did get a little crispy even though I used a whole freaking bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen on them and my sinuses are really clean from all of the seawater that swished through my head. There was one mishap just as we were leaving - BigBrother(12) got smacked by a big wave and scraped his face on the ocean floor and got a bloody chin. I'm just glad he didn't drown on me from the shock of it all.


Sara Sue said...

I hope it was the seawater that cleared your sinuses ... might be the sewage!

patti_cake said...

That Sweety - ever the wet blanket *snort*

Glad BB was okay, that can be s-c-a-r-y!

Chickie said...

Sara Sue - Ick. That hadn't occurred to me.

Patti_Cake - Sweety was trying to not tell me about the water but I could tell from the smirk on his face that there was something he wanted to spill the beans on.

Oh yeah! BB freaked me out! When I first saw him, his face was all bloody and I thought he'd smeared ketchup on himself to trick me. Then I remembered that we didn't bring ketchup.