What am I doing up so late? Waiting for an eBay auction to end so I can snipe something at the last minute for BigBrother(12). He wants to be Killer Clown for Halloween and I've found the perfect mask on eBay. Hopefully, I will win it.

While we were out and about this weekend, I went in for a consultation for laser hair removal. Sweety it's either this or a boob job. I can't decide if it would be better to have smaller tits that aren't all sweaty up underneath them or to have everything all hairless (They can do your eyebrows and upper lip! Do you know how nice it would be to not have to wax that shit? And armpits!) so I could smooth up with baby oil and run around like a greased pig til Sweety caught me.

What to you get when you let an angry little dog lick champagne off of your fingers?

taking a nip

It makes her nice and friendly so that she crawls into bed with her enemy.

passed out

And here's Stinky dog doing her "love me" wiggle.

Who loves the Tasha?

I'm gonna have to start taking notes when I have blog post ideas. I swear, I had a bunch of things to talk about and I have resorted to cute dog photos.

Yes! I swooped in at the last minute and won the eBay auction! I can feel successful as I go bed down.


Sara Sue said...

Sweet dreams! Adorable pics as always! I just love that tiny little drunken dog!

Sara Sue said...

Oh ... and don't you DARE cut on those beautiful boobs of yours!

Mike said...

Yeah...leave the boobs alone. (Of course they are yours and you can do as you please with them).

Congrats on the eBay thing. I have looked at eBay a few times but it is such a complicated site to navigate that I have just avoided it at all costs.

Is there anything funnier than tipsy dogs?

Chickie said...

Sara Sue - The boobs are just too big. Left to their own devices, in a few years, they will look like Snoopy's nose.

Mike - You should poke around eBay some more. It's not scary! It is wonderful! (spoken like a true eBay addict)

The dogs weren't really drunk, just really tired. After Chi Chi licked Sweety's finger a couple of times and realized what he had - she spent the next 3 hours dancing maniacally, begging for more. She passed out from exhaustion.

patti_cake said...

I always love the dog pics and stories. Always.

Ooh I am a sniper too, I am eyeing some Puddle Jumper shoes for Maddie. Wish me luck.

Amy said...

Sniping raawwwks! You GO girl!!!

And, OMG your dogs are so darn cute/funny it just kills me!

moooooog35 said...

A sad day.

When I read that you were thinking of a boob job, I died just a little inside.

I hope you're happy.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I hear you, sister! The best part of losing weight (if I ever can make that happen) is going back to the B cup God meant me to wear!

Regal said...

Congrats on winning on E-Bay!

Love the pic of Tiny - really funny!

Rich | Championable said...

Yeah, I have to chime in and say that picture is probably the funniest picture I've seen in a while.

I'm going to link to it, like, NOW.

M&Co. said...

Have you tried Auction Sniper (http://auctionsniper.com/) so you don't have to set up waiting to see if you've actually won it?

Cute pics!

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - Good luck! Does your heart race too during the last 60 seconds of the auction. I'm tired when I get done with an eBay war.

Amy - I really wish that I could video some of the weirder shit that goes on here. You wouldn't believe it.

Moooooog35 - Tell you what, when I get them reduced, I'll send the trimmings to you in a jar to use as a paperweight. There. Now we can all be happy!

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - That is exactly what I'm talking about. At this point, I wouldn't bitch about being a modest D. These things are all over the damn place.

Regal - Thank you!

Rich Championable - Glad you got a kick out of it! Thanks for the link!

M&Co. - I've heard of the Auction Sniper but even if I had it, I'd still feel compelled to stay up and see if I won.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Congrats on the Ebay Auction..! Lucky BB!

I absolutely understand thr boobs that are Big and hanfing down..Mkine too, were always like that, NOT just now that I am, shall we say, older...
I shudder to think how much each of my boobs weighs....Jow sis you ever weigh them??? What kind of a scale do you have?