This n That

I sit in front of the school, waiting for LittleBrother(10) to get out (in an hour!), under the burning hot sun. Yay. I don't run the car and the air conditioner because I'm trying to not waste gas. Instead, I'll sit here and get hot and delirious. I like hallucinating. Fun fun. The dude parked behind me got out of his corvette and is shining its wheels while he waits in line. Part of me wants to get out and shine my wheels too now. Except my wheels aren't shiny. I wish they were though.

I had a nice exwife rant ready to go but I erased it. Maybe I'll save up all of the things that she does that pisses me off and just write about them once a month or so. (but I'll use this post to purge myself) It aggravates me that Sweety wants me to help the boys with their school work and whatnot but he won't say anything to the COAEW in regards to it. Such as homework being done incorrectly when they are at her house. You have no idea how this crawls all over me. He says if he says anything to her that she will be totally irrational and it won't solve the problem of the homework being done wrong. I did warn Sweety last night that I will probably go apeshit on her some time this school year so he needs to start mentally preparing for it. Maybe I could blackmail some shiny wheels out of him in exchange for my silence. I don't think I will be able to bite my tongue though.

BigBrother(12) has an orthodontist appointment today. His braces should be off in the Spring and he is so ready for that. Oh, another thing - the COAEW doesn't make sure he brushes and flosses his teeth at her house. I realize that a 12 fucking year old should have the wherewithall to floss his own damn teeth without being instructed. But dammit, if you know your kid isn't doing it without a gentle reminder - remind him! It's always nice to get him after he's been there for 4 days and a forest is sprouting along his braces. I guess since she's not paying for braces or insurance she doesn't feel the need to bother with these things. I think we should start shocking him when his teeth aren't properly cleaned. With a cattle prod.

Enough grouching.

Guess what? We have no Little League baseball game this weekend! Yay! I go to the games and am all supportive and stuff but sitting in the sun for 2 or so hours while kids whack around a ball is really the last place on the planet that I like being.

My car has a sun roof but I rarely use it. I'm afraid of flipping over in an accident and having my head scrubbed off. Or a tree limb coming in through it and smashing my head. I'd hate to die in a crash because something got to me through the sun roof. I will crack it open if I have fast food so the car doesn't smell like a french fry. There is a nice air freshener under the seat that keeps everything in the car smelling like a urinal cake. I like it.

Do you ever leave candles burning when you leave the house? I do and it bothers Sweety. This is something that I've always done. I'll stick the candle some place where there is nothing near to flutter into the flame and then leave it. I've never heard of a candle just spontaneously combusting and burning a house down. I think it needs some food for the fire.


Sara Sue said...

Girl, my sister once left candles burning and one of them busted it's own container, she had a house fire! Sweetie is right on this one ... don't do it!

Don't cattle prod the kid, shock the COAEW!

Mike said...

Normally I would always agree with the person that has the breasts, but in this case, I have to agree with you husband when it comes to leaving candles burning when you leave the house. The risk is minimal that a lit candle could cause a housefire, but it is a risk that you don't have to take.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I don't even leave a lamp on when I go out. Once I left the bedside table lamp on. When I came home, the cat had knocked it over on to the bed, and the bulb was just about done burning through the shade and getting ready to set the bed on fire. Never again.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Before I forget and go on to other things...I realize that you too were one of my very first Blogger Buddies...And here we still are--Friends...I just love that....And I apologize to you for leaving you out of my Anniversary Post...

About The Ex---Sweety sounds like such a good and reasonable man--HOW, pray tell, did he ever hook up with her??? And I just hate that he seems kind of afraid of her, according to what you write....What sort of power does this woman have over him??? OY! I don't mean to be insulting to Sweety, but it just seems like those years he was with the EX, must have been like he was living in some horrible nightmare world...! I'm glad he got away from her and had the smarts to know how wonderful YOU are, when he found you...!

Sweety, firgive me for butting in and for being judgemengtal...BUT you are a really good good man...just tell that EX to Fuck Off!

Okay, I'm done.

Please tell me if I have stepped over a line here, Chickie.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Ooops, I forgot, about leaving Candles burning. I used to leave these big colorful candles in glass jars burning in my Bathroom. They sat on a Marble counter...And I never thought it was dangerous---Well, of course it was---A Good friend came to visit one day and saw these 8 HUGE lit candles sitting there and saifd.."You've got a contained fire here!"

I stopped leaving them lit, that day.

Ginamonster said...

My uncle is a fireman and says that candles are the biggest cause of housefires. But, of course that couldn't happenin my house, right? until I left a candle burning while I was sleeping one night and I woke up to the sound of shattering glass.

Never again.

Tell BB my grandmother had to have all her teeth pulled when she was 15.

You and I both know that kids are lazy and won't do anything without being told. Apparently, COAEW doensn't notice.

Amy said...

I'm just trying to figure out why you guys don't have full custody and COAEW just has visitation.

Chickie said...

Okay. I will stop my leaving-a-candle-burning ways. I didn't realize that the glass it was in could break and burn the place down.

Lady of the Hills - No worries about your anniversary post! I'm just glad to see you here!

You haven't stepped over a line. These are things that I've said before.

Amy - He has what is called primary residence which means his house is the boys' main base and where they go to school. They have managed to work things out so the boys are here and there pretty much equally for the past 8 years and if he tries to change anything now, she would pitch a fit. I spoke with CPS down here and was told that a kid has to be injured twice before any action is taken to remove them from the home or the parent gets in trouble.

Regal said...

Chickie - my ex was an electrician - absolutely no lit candles in an unattended space and for that matter he used to make me unplug the toaster. I still get teased by my kid's friends because I won't leave the toaster plugged in when not in use but toasters can be unpredictable too. And I try not to leave the clothes dryer running when I leave the house. I used to do that all the time but one time when I was home before I left for work I had a dryer fire. The fireman said that was common too. The timer fluked out!

Is is Fire Prevention week?

patti_cake said...

Oh I love reading about the COAEW so much though.

Ick on the braces, I had them for years (just got em' off last Feb) and it bugged the hell out of me if they weren't clean. I guess kids are different though.

I would FREAK OUT over leaving a candle burning. Seriously.

moooooog35 said...

What you SHOULD have done at the school with the guy behind you in the Corvette is got out, walked over, and spilled your ice-coffee all over his wheels.

When he looks up with the "wtf?" look on his face, that's when you kick him in the teeth.

What a prick...shining his tires.

Oh yeah, don't leave candles burning (yet another helpful tip).

Midwestern City Boy said...

They guy shinning his wheels probably purchased his car to make up for inadequacies in other areas. Some people are just to in love with their vehicles. I try and keep my cars nice but don't do anything special. Its the wife and kids who get the special attention.

P.S. I could tell you my candle staring a fire story like everyone else but I think that you get the point.