Too Old For This Shit

I seriously paid today for last night's drinking fun. Have you ever woke up and still been drunk? And the puking. Holy crap, the puking. My throat is raw from it.

Sweety drove me to work this morning because I couldn't stop retching. I puked in a big bowl on the drive to work. Sweety was also kind enough to video one particulary violent episode. Thankfully, he does not know how to put it on the internet. I ended up leaving work early because I just couldn't stand it.

Just so you know, if you ever hear me vomiting in a bathroom stall, I don't want to converse with you at all. No, I don't need help. I don't need a drink of water. I need you to shut up because I'd rather channel my energy into dry heaving instead of chit-chat.


Mike said...

Oh man, so sorry to hear that. Puking is the worst. Fortunately, I never suffered much from that affliction and that may explain a lot of my problems with alcohol. Perhaps if I would have puked more often, I would have understood its evils.

Rich | Championable said...

Wow. I'm totally a sympathetic puker. I NEVER would have been able to drive you to work. Hats off to Sweety.

Feel better.

moooooog35 said...

It doesn't count as drunk puking unless you see bile.

Puke bile, then we'll talk.

How my liver is actually still able to process things is beyond me. Although, it could explain my explosive diarrhea today.

patti_cake said...

I am sorry you were sick. Ugh. Kinda takes the fun outta getting drunk doesn't it?!!!

I'm like you, if i'm sick, puking whatever LEAVE ME ALONE.

Amy said...

I should make that pact too. You know, the last uh... at least 2 comments I have left here I was extremely buzzed.

What in God's name were you drinking?!?!?!?!

I'm tellin' ya, girl, MARTINI, GIN MARTINI... no sugar, goes with the diet, clean buzz, rarely if ever a hangover. Would I lie to you?

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Ugh...worst feeling ever. Hope you're better now.

wisdomstuff said...

I have puked more times than I even care to remember. I'm so seasoned now though that I pretty much don't get hungover anymore unless I drink way too much.

Chickie said...

Mike - I don't puke from drinking often but when I do, it's enough to scare me away from it for awhile. Just until I forget how miserable it made me.

Moooooog35 - If bile is that stuff that is dark colored and tastes like asprin and comes up when you think surely your stomach is empty then I had it. Otherwise, it was some food that I ate last week.

Amy - I was drinking gin and grapefruit juice. I guess if you polish off one bottle that you should call it a night and not make another trip to the liquor store to restock. That was my undoing.

I'm gonna live. But I'm really not going to do this again. It's like I lost 2 days of my life recovering.

Sara Sue said...

Perfect picture for the post! The bad news is ... the older you get, the longer it takes to recover. Hope you're all better now!