It's just me and the canines tonight. To celebrate(?), Stinky and Tiny get to sleep in the bed with me. Stinky dog is beside herself with joy. This is like her Christmas. She has spent the last 30 minutes wildy rubbing her head all over me. Chi Chi can't come up here because I'm afraid that she might fall and hurt herself on the wood floor. She's happy having the regular dog beds to herself anyway. She's snoring away like a tiny fog horn.

I wish Sweety would let them sleep in the bed with us. I like having Stinky up here because she looks so happy. It's a trial to make a Basset Hound look happy. Usually, she looks like you just killed her best friend. When I get ready to sleep, she will let me spoon her. She's a good spooner.

Can't you just feel the happiness radiating from her?

Loving Life

Love me, Mama!  Looooooove me!

It's not so gratifying to have Tiny in the bed. She thinks she's entitled to be up here and thinks nothing of trying to steal your pillow or laying herself right in your path.

Doesn't she look like a zombie here? I felt bad that they were in the bedroom all day while I was at work so I got a cheeseburger for them to share on my way home. I guess cheeseburgers make you very tired.


I ran out of dog food for Chi Chi so she got a frozen pancake and sausage for dinner. It's probably healthier for all of us that Sweety is not away from home too often.


Sara Sue said...

Stinky looks gloriously happy! Merry Bedmas, Stinky!

How's your latest injury? Did you toss the poopy pants or was 'em?

Chickie said...

Ha! Bedmas! That's what I'll start calling it!

I got lucky and it didn't hit my pants. Nothing that a shower didn't cure!

heather said...

very. happy dogs. lol

patti_cake said...

I love Merry Bedmas! Too cute!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh these are the dearest pictures Chickie...These two dogs have so much expression in their fsces and their body language, too....Just as dear as they can be....I loved you saying that Stinky looks like you just killed her best friebd...lol! But she sure looks happy "spooning" you...!
Truly Dear, my dear.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Happy Bedmans, Stinky! Oh, she's so very, very happy. My cats sleep with me every night; I don't sleep well without them, even tho' I end up crossways on the bed.

Midwestern City Boy said...

I'm not a big fan of animals in the bedroom but, since Sweety doesn't seem to mind them there, why doesn't he like them in the bed?

Chickie said...

Midwestern City Boy - Sweety doesn't like them in the room at all. Sometimes they sleep in the bathroom and sometimes I talk him into letting them in our room.