I'm a Dumbass

These were my eyebrows just 6 hours ago. There are a few straggly hairs in there but really not too horribly overgrown.

I dropped by the local nail salon and let a very nice Asian lady (reminds me of my mom) wax my eyebrows. Tidy them up a bit. "Not too skinny", I told her.

For the love of Pete! They are uneven! No more Asian hands will touch my eyebrows. I should have probably expected this since the lady doing it had her eyebrows shaven and penciled on. (and yes, I am aware that I am gawk-eyed)

If I die tonight, I don't want the last thing on here to be my fucked up eyebrows. Here is Chi Chi during her Glamour Shot session in the bedroom last night.

Glamour Shot


bekah said...

You wouldn't notice the uneven eyebrows if you were on a moving horse.

jedimacfan said...

They look good.

Mybrid said...

I'm sure there's medication to fix that.

Rich | Championable said...

I'm trying to figure out Bekah's comment.

patti_cake said...

Okay the eyebrows ARE a bit uneven but they still look good! Hey at least you aren't wall-eyed!
Chi chi looks veddy glam dahling!

Chickie said...

Bekah - I'm scared of horses. Now what?

Jedimacfan - Thank you. You are too kind.

Mybrid - Yeah, it's called tequila. When I look in the mirror after I have some, they look fuller.

Rich Championable - Bekah is just being ornery.

Patti_Cake - I figure I'll just look at the ground til they grow in.
Chi Chi really enjoyed being the center of attention.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Hmmm...I think your eyebrows look fine. And Chi Chi? She looks glorious!

Sara Sue said...

Now I'm scared to go have my eyebrows done again!

Chi Chi is HOT!!

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Beauty rule number 7:

Don't let hands that touch feet for a living ever touch you face.

Regal said...

Chi Chi's glamour shot is HAWT!
And you...even with slightly uneven eyebrows - you with the big brown eyes - are beautiful none the less and don't forget it. Other mere mortals would not notice because they would be raptured by your big brown eyes.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is like Chi Cji's Marilyn Monroe shot! Is there a Calender in her future? She sure is darling...(Don't tell Tiny I said that, please....!)
Well, your eyebrows looked fine to me before the Asian lady touched you...lol. They will grow back, won't they??

Chickie said...

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - The eyebrows don't bug me so much today. I think they're relaxing. Chi Chi is a blanket fiend. If she can't find one to wad up in then she will circle the house continously.

Sara Sue - Let my eyebrow mishap be a warning to you.

Paris Hilton says so too.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me - Ha! That's a good rule to live by!

Regal - Thank you, Regal. You make me feel better about my face.

Lady of the Hills - A calendar? You've given me an idea!

Scott English said...

Now I don't see anything wrong with your eyebrows, other than the enhanced ability to cock them at people when you're not impressed.

Cocking eyebrows... who wouldn't want that ability?!?!

Chi Chi my love, let me wrap you in my velvety arms of sweetness and take you to a place where all your needs are taken care of... sweet sweet chihuahua of love ...

Errm... sorry... I was getting carried away I think

Chickie said...

Scott English - I have noticed that if I raise my eyebrows that they look more even. It takes a lot of energy to keep them up there all the time though.

I totally understand your rush of chihuahua love. She invites it.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Your eyebrows look fine. They are a very, very slight bit uneven; but no one would even notice unless you mentioned something.

Chickie said...

Midwestern City Boy - I guess you're right. I was afraid that when I went to work that people would say something about them but nobody did.