Thanksgiving with the Girls

We had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday since they boys are at their mother's today and Sweety had to go to work for a bit this morning so I'm just lazing around with the canines.

Whenever we have a bunch of food, I'll give the dogs some with their dinner. Stinky was so excited last night as I loaded up her bowl with green bean casserole that she was shaking with excitement. Shaking so freaking hard that her teeth were chattering together! At first I didn't realize where the tiny buzzsaw noise was coming from and then I realized that it was following me.

We way overcooked yesterday. There's 10 pounds of broccoli cheese casserole in the icebox. I had some for breakfast and then had a nap with Tiny. Stinky and Chi Chi also got some more leftover green bean stuff this morning and they are conked out on the couch with Tiny. There is a symphony of dog snores and wheezes going on here.

They are making me sleepy again.

I'll finish this off with a photo of Chi Chi. I'm thankful that the grouchy little bitch is still kicking this Thanksgiving.

Chi Chi the Magnificent

Hey, do you see that toe to the far left? The nail is gone. It got broken some time ago and fell out before she came to live with me. That bare little toe pad is so cute. She likes for it to be kissed.


TK Kerouac said...

I love that groucy little bitch.

Chickie said...

TK Kerouac - Me too. She's one of a kind!

Scotty Ice said...

Great post and pic! Nanners and I just woke up from our nap surrounded by dogs....LOL

Kat said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

That's such a cute little doggie!
Our cats were like freaking out over the turkey today. The smell was driving them nuts, I finally caved and gave them some and it sounded like a pack of lions eating it...LOL

Chickie said...

Scotty Ice - I take some of my best naps with the dogs. It's because if they are with me then I know they aren't peeing somewhere else.

Kat - Your cats sound like my dogs! All you could hear when they were eating their part of the dinner was smacking and slurping and the occasional sneeze.

Ginamonster said...

Yes but everyone knows Broccoli Cheeze Cassarole is even BETTER the next day! I know what I'm having for lunch!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

hhhh how you LOVE your Doggies, Chickie...! It is really so sweet and Heartwarming, too.
Amazing little dog that Chi Chi....I can see why you would want to kiss her toe! She is darling!

here today, gone tomorrow said...

That's how the Very Bad Fiero and I nap. It's the only reason I keep him around.

Chickie said...

Ginamonster - So true. I've been eating the stuff for the past few days and it's great!

Lady of the Hills - How much I adore those stinking beasts surprises me sometimes. They are perfect dogs.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - I love sleeping with the canines. I'm trying to get Sweety on board with it but it's not going in mine (and the dogs) favor. :(

patti_cake said...

She is darling!!! I always love hearing about your pups!

Holly gave me a scare this morning when i went in to see if she was awake she was jut laying on her side and didn't move at first when I called her. Ugh I can't face losing my little toofless wonder just yet!

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - It freaks me out if Chi Chi isn't snoring or making noise because it seems like she's always making some sort of sound. Usually, she's in her blanket with her head barely poking out but the other day her butt was sticking out and she wasn't snoring. Sweety thought she'd died and he was going to have to tell me.