I usually take showers instead of baths to save time but tonight I took one kick-ass bath. Sweety was kind enough to thoroughly clean the tub for me so I knew it was squeaky clean.

I had some lavender bath salts and dumped them in the tub and cranked on the jacuzzi jets. The bath salts had bits of twigs (lavender sticks, I guess) in it and that stuff was floating in the water. I felt like a big simmering tea bag. But it was so relaxing. I stayed in there and let the water pummel me until it was tepid.

Then I got out and smeared myself up with some body butter. I went from feeling like a tea bag to feeling like a piece of buttered toast.

Now I am smooth and soft and sleepy and smell like cake. Life is good.


Sara Sue said...

And now I'm hungry for tea and toast ... or cake!

patti_cake said...

tea bag... buttered toast.. cake ... you sound good enough to eat! ROFLMAO

Chickie said...

Sara Sue - It was too late to eat when I got out of the bath but I wanted a piece of toast so bad!

Patti_Cake - That was the whole point. ;)