No Need For A Stinking Title

First off, let me apologize for not responding to the comments in the previous post. I was busy with the niece til she left Saturday and then we were away for the weekend. And yesterday Sweety came home way early (5 hours!) so I didn't have time to peck away on the computer. I've had things that I wanted to blog about, but then I see those comments and think, "I must reply to those first!". Then I freak out and turn off the computer. So, forgive me for the non-response. It won't happen again. At least not on a regular basis. (Don't worry Mike, I'm not going to go all Doocey.)

Secondly, the hair being poked in the ears? I did try it and I must admit that my niece is right. It is a very interesting feeling. If you have head hair that will reach into your ears, I recommend it.

And thirdly, please do not send me an email letting me know that you just whacked off to my photos. I don't think it's weird that you'd do that to them (because I am cute as hell) but it is rude to let me know about it. I don't like that.

Speaking of photos...

I wonder why people are showing up here after doing a search for this photo of Chi Chi? Is my little long-tongued dog on her way to internet superstardom?

Sweety's grandfather died a week ago this past Thursday and we went to his grandmother's house this weekend. (I'd only met her once before and didn't realize when I met her previously that she has Alzheimer's. I just thought she was a touch looney and said something to Sweety about it later. That's when he informed me. Gee, it would have been nice to have that tidbit of information before the visit!) Chi Chi was with us and she was a good conversation piece for me and Grandmother. She couldn't get over what a sweet little face Chi Chi has or Chi Chi's age. I've noticed that whenever I tell people she's 15 that the first thing they say is, "In dog years or people years?". When I tell them people years, they quickly multiply it by 7 to get her dog year age.

It had been decided that Sweety's sister was going to take her grandparents fish tank home with her but Grandmother had forgotten about it and wanted to know why the hell was her fish tank being taken away. I felt really bad for her. I think that nothing should have been removed from her house til she moved out. (She's going to live with her son, Sweety's dad.) But it's not my family so I kept my yap shut and just hid in the bathroom for awhile. Thankfully, the fish tank was the only item carted away.

I'm thinking of getting a pistol that fires glow-in-the-dark ping pong balls. Tiny Dog has become a huge nuisance at night. Always crying to get up in the bed. (I deserve a full night's sleep, dammit!) I thought about getting a water gun to squirt her with but since we have wooden floors that was not the best idea. Surely, if she gets pegged a couple of times with glowing ping pong balls, she will get the hint and shut the fuck up and go to sleep in her little nest that I have so lovingly built for her. I could get up out of bed and smack around her with a newspaper but I'm trying to find a solution that will not require me getting out of bed.

Tiny Dog turned 3 on the 5th of this month. Maybe her previous bad behavior was a result of "the terrible twos"? Now that I think about that, I'll hold off on buying the piece to deal with her.

The 2nd was my 3 year blogiversary! Woo-hoo! If the blog were a kid, it would probably be potty trained and able to pick its own nose very thoroughly by this time. You know what I had decided to do about Novemberish? I was going to use blurb (after removing things where I referred to sex or called the COAEW a COAEW), and then print it out and hide it under my mattress and then dump this blog and start over somewhere else. But the fucking blurb software won't work for me. Isn't that about right? I'll definitely be here for another year. I can't stop and start a new one in the middle of the year. My OCD will not allow it.


The Fitness Diva said...

Well, happy 3rd blogiversary to you! I'm going into my second. It's so funny when you click on links during a search and find blogs that just end in the middle of 2004, 2006 or somewhere. Either they just gave up, or ? Who knows...

Mike said...

Happy 3rd anniversary to you Chickie. I know exactly what you mean about people whacking off to your picture. I get emails like that all the time. It's just disturbing I tell you.

Oh, and thanks for not going all Dooce on us.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Happy 3rd Blogiversary, Chickie. I'm so glad you are here. Tiny Dog sounds like she is Fiero's dog cousin...what with all the midnight terrorist activity. We should lock them in a room together and let them annoy each other into submission.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary, my dear Chickie! THAT is a milestone...! And Happy 3rd Birthday to Tiny Dog, too! I hope her annoying you during the night settles down now that she is three...lol....I love thinking about Tiny Dog going through the terrible two's....LOL!

I wonder why that Software won't work for you....You should contact them and tell them...Maybe there is a sinple "fix" for that....!

Sara Sue said...

Happy Blogiversary!! Don't you ever stop!

Please go with the glow in the dark balls ... I just love the thought of it!

Chickie said...

The Fitness Diva - It drives me nuts to see a blog like that! If you're going away, I'd like some warning - some closure :)

Mike - Wait a minute, you don't like my emails? Sorry bout that.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - I'm all for locking the beasts in a room together! Your place or mine?

Lady of the Hills - I had hope that Tiny would calm down but she was all bitchy today when I tried to take a nap. She is like a having a tiny, whiny, child.

I did send the place a couple of emails but they didn't get back to me. Oh, well...

Sara Sue - Oh, I won't stop! The addiction is too great. I just wanted to change urls because I realized that an email address that I've never used here (I use it to send mail to people that don't know about this blog) was bringing up the blog if you searched for it. I narrowed it down to the March 2006 archives so I put those in draft and my sticking them back up, one at a time, til I find the offending post.

I may have to get one of those guns when payday gets here.

Jen said...

Next month is 2 years we have been around the blog world....

What? You have pictures out there that we can whack off to? Why didn't we get these pictures? Wait, I have nothing to yank on... But if you want to send the pictures, you know the addy *eg* :)

Sorry to hear about G-parents... that sucks.

I deserve a good night sleep also, but our 19 month old doesn't allow it very often... And if he weren't enough, then we have a kitten as well, whom has decided that she wants to stay up and play all night, in the covers! Ugh!

Good Luck with the glow in the dark ping pong balls, let me know how they work... I think the kitten would just chase them.

Sara Sue said...

Yeah, that ping back email thing is a bitch, ain't it?

Please give Sweetie my condolences on the loss of this grandfather. It's hard to watch people go. Oh ... and you're so right about the fish tank thing, they should have waited.

bekah said...

Stuffing my hair in my ears gives me a chill. Very strange.

themom said...

Happy "blog-anniversary!" I'm just starting my 3rd year. As for the ping pong ball shooter...great idea if the pup doesn't like to try and eat the damn things. My ogre of a dog will eat anything we "shoot" at her...so not normal! Glad you're back..missed ya!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 3RD blogiversary. That’s a MAJOR milestone.

I don’t have hair long enough to stick in my ears but now I’m starting to wonder what I’ missing out on.

Ginamonster said...

Dude, mashmallow gun. I want one and if you get one, then I can live vicariously through you.

moooooog35 said...

No more emails, got it.

My bad.

Wait...wait...that's not you...it's Hillary Clinton.


I'd shoot her with my glowing ping pong balls any day.

I love cankles.

Chickie said...

Jen - You may not have anything to yank on but I'll bet you could find something! ;)

It's okay about the Grandparents. I think he was 91 or so. He'd been around awhile.

I will keep you all updated on the ping pong gun!

Sara Sue - Yeah, it just really pisses me off because I would swear I've never used that email address here! I actually made it up just to use with people that I don't want to find this place.

Thank you for the condolences. It wasn't a surprise because he'd been sick for awhile but unpleasant nonetheless.

Bekah - I liked the chill. Kind of like a goose walking over your grave.

TheMom - Luckily, (well, lucky for me and not Tiny!) Tiny Dog's mouth isn't big enough to get a ping pong ball in it.

Midwestern City Boy - You should ask California Girl to put some of her hair in there. I'll bet she'd do it for you!

Ginamonster - I looked at the marshmallow guns but Tiny would just eat the marshmallows. Totally defeating the purpose.

Moooooog35 - Sicko. Wait, I take it back. Even Hillary needs love too.

Amy said...

Holy cow! 3 years... wow. And, speaking of nose picking, I just have to know, because I knew that YOU of all people might have my back on this one.

Maggie will not stop picking her nose. So finally I got fed up and put a touch (just a tiny, tiny bit) of Tobasco on her finger. Mike had a cow!

Patti said...

How retarded do people need to be to ask "If 16 is in people years or dog years?" I mean REALLY.

Happy 3rd birthday Tiny! Reilly will be 4 on Monday (the 14th)

Chickie said...

Amy - I am totally on board with the Tobasco! You know what I would have done though? Smeared it on her finger while she was asleep and then pretended to be all surprised when it burnt her nose. Told her that's what happens when you indulge in public nose picking for too long.

Patti - From now on, when people ask how old she is, I'm going to say she's 105.