Random Bits

Everything went well with Sammy yesterday. I told the owner that we will take him if he is neutered first. The owner's family has to move across the state in 2 weeks and he didn't know if a vet could fit them in before they move. If the Neutering Fairy can fit Sammy into her schedule soon, then it will be a sign that he is meant to be with us. He isn't housebroken but is paper trained and I can deal with that but trying to housebreak him and trying to keep him from marking my furniture would be too much. I don't want to see his wiener poking out all of the time either. Now that I've met him and see what a sweet dog he is, I will feel really bad if he doesn't get fixed and we don't take him. Part of me wants to say, "We'll take him! Balls and all!" but I know that would not be a good idea and would be too much of an imposition on the other canines and Sweety.

Last night Sweety and I had our first financial planning meeting. We sat down and laid out all of our debt and came up with a plan to kill that motherfucker. I was so relieved when the meeting was over and Sweety hadn't brained me for being such a dumbass and running my credit cards up again. (I may not have mentioned that he as bailed me out twice before...) We've always had separate bank accounts and we're going to start putting everything into one account. The plan is to make minimum payments on everything for the month and put our extra money aside. We'll use the extra money to either completely pay off a bill or knock a big chunk of one down at the end of the month. And we're each getting an allowance. Mine is more than his because as Sweety said - I do pretty stuff with my money so I get more. I appreciate that even though we are working towards getting out of debt that he is allocating me money to not look like a troll while we do it.

Tomorrow is payday! Yay! Tomorrow, I will pay bills and take out my allowance for February. I think I'm going to start using cash instead of my debit card so I keep track of what money I have in a more concrete manner. Tomorrow will be the last check that I get under our old bonus system at work. I've already calculated what next month's bonus will be and it will be 1/3 of what I'm getting tomorrow. I don't mind though! I love my job so much that I'm glad they've found a way to save money! *insert gagging sound here*

BigBrother's science project got picked to go to the science fair and it's being held this weekend. He is at his mother's house this weekend and she was given information about the science fair a little over two weeks ago. A conversation was had in the meantime along the lines of when the boys are at her house she will tend to whatever is going on and when they are at our house then we will. I swear, if some stupid excuse is given and he doesn't go, I will stomp a mudhole in someone. I'll probably start with Sweety and work my way around. I sincerely hope that she takes him because I don't want him to look back on his childhood and remember the shit his mother didn't participate in because she was too busy with the rest of her litter. Maybe I will start a therapy fund for him now.

I slept waaay in this morning. Tuesday night has turned into Gin Night. It is something that I can drink that doesn't turn me into a mean bitch or the shirtless girl in the corner. (Tequila - I love you but you just make me too looney. You were a good friend for a decade or so. Damn, sometimes I miss being the shirtless girl in the corner.) After one particularly loud night spent with tequila, our neighbor came over the next morning and asked Sweety if he was okay because he heard a commotion the night before. Oops. I wish I could drink at work. It would make the day so much more bearable.


bekah said...

I wish we could all drink at work.

Mike said...

Now that I work from home, I love drinking at work.

Chickie said...

Bekah - Wouldn't it be nice? I think I'll drink at work on my last day. Whenever the hell that may be.

Mike - Helloooo? Did you say something? I couldn't hear your slacker-ass.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

About Sammy: Why don't you take him and have him fixed? If they are unable to gert their Vet to do it?? He seems like such a Sweetheart...! Or is it the principal of the thing?

That EX.....Every time you write about her I am appalled, all over again....What kind of a mother is she?? I hope he gets to go to that Science Fair, too!

So is there something so lethal about Tequila? And Gin doesn't do the same thing....Amazing!
I've often wondered if I could make Tquila from the Agave's that I have in my garden...!

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - One of Sammy's testicles hasn't descended so the surgery to get him fixed would cost more than a regular neuter. I also don't want to rip him away from his regular home into mine and the first thing that happens to him is a surgery. I think that would be way traumatic for him. I'm really hoping his owners are able to get it done so he can recover a bit at their home. If not, maybe we will take him anyway but I don't think so. It is kind of the principle of the thing - I told them up front that I couldn't take an unaltered dog. He is a sweet dog but he has a few quirks due to never being outside (he was terrified of the grass when I put him outside) and those things will be hard enough to work through.

I'm really having faith that the ex is going to do right this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed.

You'd think that all alcohol would effect you the same but for some reason it doesn't. If you ever make some homemade tequila - you've gotta send me some!

The Phosgene Kid said...

If you want to drink on the job you need to become an airline pilot...

Anonymous said...

I want to hare the story of the shirtless girl in the corner. And of the one about the night full of commotion. Were they related? That would be REALLY interesting of they were.

Cissy Strutt said...

Glad Sammy had a good visit. But you are right to insist on receiving him balls-free. Your girls have sensibilities too delicate to deal with a smelly virile boy. Not to mention your furniture.

Chickie said...

The Phosgene Kid - I'm too scared of stewardesses for that gig.

Midwestern City Boy - The incidents didn't happen at the same time. I was the shirtless girl (sometimes) when I was single and too tanked.

Cissy Strutt - Thank you. I figure if I'm doing you a favor and giving your dog a good home then you can do this one thing for me.

Thomas said...

Fixing is a must for the little fur baby. A spraying dog is a dog that needs kicking and I don't believe in kicking dogs.

Sweetie must be one hell of a guy. Keep him around. He is worth it

Patti said...

I really hope COAEW does the right thing and takes him, i'll help you stomp a mudhole if she doesn't.

Sammy is gorgeous oh I hope you get to keep him! (it's a good thing I dont live closer!)

Chickie said...

Thomas - But if you kick a spraying dog, it doesn't understand why it's being kicked. I'm afraid I'd give a dog shaken-baby syndrome if it peed all over the place. So fixing is a must!

He is a keeper. I think I'll let him hang around a bit longer.

Patti - I will come get you and bring you down to help me with the stomping if it becomes necessary.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed with Sammy! He was soooo sweet and he actually played with the boys so they really liked him too.