The Things We Do For Love

We ordered a dietary supplement for the dogs. It is supposed to help stop shedding, decrease odor, increase happiness, up their energy, make them prettier and help them be more popular with the opposite sex. It doesn't say so in the advertisement, but I am hoping that it will restore Chi Chi's youth and roll back the hands of time for her.

It was with great excitement that I ripped open our box of The Doggy Fountain of Youth and realized that Chi Chi would not eat it.

I tried mixing it with her dog food. She turned her crusty nose up at her food dish for two feedings in a row and I started worrying that I was going to starve her in the quest for eternal life. I mixed it with some berry flavored yogurt but no dice.

Sweety brought me some vanilla yogurt (I thought that maybe the scent of the berry kind was too overpowering for her.) and she turned her nose at that too. In an effort to get her to eat the magical elixir - I offered her some on my finger.

She ate it all.

A Snack for the Chichister

Feeding Chi Chi the magic potion is something that I've been doing in the evening with her. It's our time to bond.

See that brown bowl on the table? That's one of the things that I told my Grandma that I wanted when she asked what I wanted before she died. I like to feed Chi Chi from Grandma's bowls because she (in her bug-eyed, confused way) reminds me of Grandma.

Have I mentioned that I adore this little canine? aww


Mike said...

Yeah, the things we do for our dogs!

We feed Carmen some kind of mixed kibble. She picks out the stuff she doesn't like and deposits it on the floor and then eats what she likes. It's a daily mess that we have to clean up, but it seems to make her happy.

Cissy Strutt said...

The only things I have from my grandmother are a simple blue bowl & a beautiful watercolour. Although she was a thorough-going bitch, I kind of like having these two reminders of her.

(Maybe these days she would be referred to as 'feisty'. Maybe the bowl & the painting weren't the only things I got from her.)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You didn't have to mention it, dear Chickie...It has been very obvious from day one, how much you care for that dear little doggie...And if anything will prolong her life it is ALL the love that you shower on her---including feeding her "the Magic Potion" off of your finger...! Such a very dear picture, my dear....! I always love seeing ALL the pictures of your dear three-some....The Sweetest Dogs in the Country, I Swear!!!

here today, gone tomorrow said...

It's okay. We're all helpless in the face of our love for our animals. Sometimes I think that's why they exist; to teach us that.

Chickie said...

Mike - Tiny ate like that with mixed kibble food too. I decided to do her a favor and pick out the pieces that she liked and just feed her those. They were things that looked like green beans. After about a week, she started producing crayon green shit so I stopped that. I figured that much dye could not be good for her.

Cissy Strutt - Yeah, I have a feeling that you might have gotten a bit more than a painting and a bowl. You just look feisty :)

Lady of the Hills - If love will keep her going, she'll be around forever!

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - I think you are right.

Patti said...

Girl you KILL ME. "in her bug-eyed confused way she reminds me of grandma". Is it wrong I almost peed myself laughing at this???
Chi chi is adorable, you would have loved my darling Holly too. I love little old lady dogs.

moooooog35 said...

I do the same thing to get my dog to eat stuff...

...except...it's usually not my finger...

She's a good dog.

Chickie said...

Patti - No, laughing is not wrong :) Let me clarify by saying that my Grandma wasn't bug-eyed but due to her hearing loss, she was rather confused at times.

Moooooog35 - Yeah, Sweety has the two bigger dogs trained to do tricks for him too.

Elise said...

I don't have a dog but trying to get my cat to eat something she doesn't like is a challenge... I realised that if I shove it on her nose she has no option but to lick it off.

You're way is much cuter though xx

Chickie said...

Elise - I'll have to try the nose-shoving thing the next time I'm trying to get any of them to eat medicine!