All About The Canines

Sammy is doing better and started walking around yesterday. His current owners are going to keep him since they were able to buy a house. It turns out that the veterinarian didn't remove the one testicle that he found. The vet said when he got in there, he saw the one testicle and decided to look for the other one. After 2 hours, Sammy's vital signs were all dropping and he didn't have time to remove the one nut that was available. Okay, I just talked to Sammy's owner and one nut did come out. I still feel horrible that the poor little guy has been through so much but I'm glad he's going to be okay and gets to stay with his family.

And do you know what I know now? Sweety's dog saturation level. Now I know that Sweety would live in a house with 4 dogs. Maybe someday I will move in another sweet Chihuahua. I miss puppy breath.

Tiny Dog is in the first stage of patellar luxation. It's where her knee pops out of socket sometimes. At this point it pops back into place on its own within moments or if I see it happen, I'll pick her up and put it back into place. If your dog is overweight and this is happening it can be helpful if it loses weight. So Tiny is on a diet to lose 2 pounds. Hopefully, this will keep her from needing a ridiculously expensive surgery later on. While I'm at it, Chi Chi is on a diet too because she has arthritis and the less she weighs the better it is on her joints. You'd think I was starving them to death with the way they carry on! They have taken to taking turns licking sticky crumbs out of Stinky's food bowl when she is done. It makes cleaning up easier for me.


here today, gone tomorrow said...

The known "dog saturation level." Bwaahhahahhahahahaaa!!!!

Chickie said...

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Sweety will be so pleased to see how my devious mind works!

Jeni Angel said...

Jake only had one ball and they had to go on a hunting expedition for the other. I was terrified for him, but they were able to find the other ball.

Then he had to have a cone on his head for 2 weeks. You try living with yourself when your cute, little animal begs you to take the cone off. THAT is guilt like I have never known.

themom said...

Yeah yeah, the doc tells me the same thing - "less weight would be easier on your arthritic joints!" Well hell, that sure takes the fun out of eating!!! Do I want to die relatively thinner (never thin) and miserable or fat and happy!! There's a no-brainer!

Patti said...

It's amazing how the weight gain on a tiny dog is so significant but it is.