How I Loathe Thinking Up Titles!

See the ring on the right? I love the style and had been eyeballing if for awhile and Sweety surprised me with at Christmas. I wore it once and the stone came loose. It only has a prong holding it in at the top and the bottom of the stone just rests in the gold loop at the bottom. So we took it back and I got the one on the left yesterday. It doesn't set as high off of my finger so hopefully it won't be as easy to whack into things. It's circled by little chocolate diamonds. Very sparkly. And it came with a lifetime warranty so if I do accidentally smack it into something and the stone gets chipped or a diamond falls out, it is covered.

I took the old ring back a couple of weeks ago and LittleBrother(11) very quickly noticed that it wasn't on my dresser. I told him that I took it back because it wasn't sturdy enough and he wanted to make sure that when I got a replacement that it would have the same kind of stone in it (his and BigBrother's birthstone). I told him it would and he's asked me a few times if I've gotten my new ring yet. I think he likes that I have a ring with his birthstone in it. I'll have to show it to him the next time they are here.

I'd like to take LB and run off to Mexico. When he's alone, he is such a good kid. It's only when his brother is there to pick at him that I want to poke my eardrums out. He should be finished reading I Am Legend by next weekend and me and him are going to watch the movie then. Well, shit. I just read on wiki how the movie ends and it is totally different from the book. I am so glad that LB is reading the book before we see the movie.

BB was taken to the science fair yesterday by his mother. I am glad. He didn't place but I'm glad that he went.

Sammy will be coming to stay with us! He was neutered on Friday and should be with us within the next few days. He has some quirks because he has pretty much never been outside. He's only trained to potty on paper but I have faith that after a few weeks, he won't be terrified when he goes outside and at some point will get the hang of pissing out there. Please send us all of the positive housebreaking thoughtbeams that you can muster.


Anonymous said...

How do you have a dog that has never been outside? Isn't that the best place for poop and stuff? Hopefully, now that he's had the big snip, he won't feel as much of a need to mark his territory.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh, I am glad Sammy is coming to be with you, Chickie...You have such a great way with your animals and Sammy will be very very loved!

Very pretty ring, my dear! Personally,I like it even more than the first one....!

Mike said...

Congratulations on getting Sammy. I'm sure you'll get the housebreaking thing worked out--but Chihuahuas are notoriously hard-headed. However, you know that.

SCANjolina said...

Lol...is it just me, or does it look like you got a hand makeover, too?

I actually like both of those rings. I never heard of chocolate diamonds. Beautiful!

here today, gone tomorrow said...

The new ring is beautiful!!! Lordy, I just love jewelry. And I'm really happy to hear that Sammy is coming to live in your loving home. Looking forward to the requisite goofy pictures.

bekah said...

The new ring kicks the old ring's ass.

themom said...

Excellent choice on the new ring. I've been in the jewelry business for quite some time and the mounting you now have is much more secure.
So glad
Sammy will be coming to live with you and the kennel club...positive pissing thoughts coming your way.

Cissy Strutt said...

Welcome Snippy Sammy. What happy news.

Amy said...

Oooo, pretttttttyyyyyyy!!!

And congrats on the new dog!! Good for you!

Patti said...

Yay for Sammy! I am SO glad he is coming to stay at casa Chickie. It has been on my mind alot but I didn't want to pry.

I love that new ring. Love it Love it Love it!

Thomas said...

Good luck with potty training. I hope it goes well.

The BOOK IML is NOTHING like the movie. Book is better IMHO, but the movie is okay.

The movie is basically a remake of "The Omega Man" which is also based off the book.

Chickie said...

Midwestern City Boy - I don't know how you could have a dog and never have it outside. From what I understand, he's always been kept in the house and relieved himself on newspaper. I am so hoping that with other dogs to follow, that he'll make the transition to pottying outside easily.

Lady of the Hills - I'm just hoping he gets over his shyness. Otherwise, he might feel lost in the shuffle. When he was here the other day, he staked out his territory - laying on the back of the couch right behind my head. Tiny was in my lap and he was like a boa!

This ring was my first choice but it was more expensive than the first. I guess you really do get what you pay for.

Mike - I'm hoping that boy chihuahuas are softer in the head than girls. I'm hoping that within three months he's going outside.

Scanjolina - I noticed the hand makeover too! The new ring photo was taken outside and the sun was setting and the old ring was inside under my kitchen light. Doesn't even look like the same skin.

I'd never heard of chocolate diamonds either but they are very sparkly, especially in low light. I spend a lot of time in the elevator twinkling it around.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - I'm a jewelry fiend too. I don't have a whole lot but what I have, I really like!

I can't wait for the goofy pictures either! I'm figuring he'll have warmed up to us enough by Christmas to star in next year's card.

Bekah - I concur. I do love it and I'm not a huge fan of citrines.

TheMom - I'm just too hard on things to wear a ring like the first one. When I picked it out, I wasn't thinking about how practical it would be. To be honest, I figured that any ring (no matter the setting) would be pretty sturdy but I was wrong!

Thanks for the pissing thoughts. We will need them!

Cissy Strutt - Thank you! We are all glad!

Amy - Don't you just love shiny!

I can't wait for Sammy to get here so we can start getting his life to normal with ours!

Patti - I was holding my breath on the Sammy thing because I was so afraid if I talked about it that it would jinx it and he wouldn't get to come.

Thank you!

Thomas - I'm hoping too. I don't know what I'll do if he refuses to be housebroken.

I think the book is always better than the movie. I'm excited to go see it though.