Hey, It's Saint Patrick's Day!

I totally forgot about that til just now. Have a nice one, drink lots of green beer, blah, blah, blah.

I guess St. Patrick's Day skipped past me because Easter is coming so quickly behind it this year. The boys will be at our house on Easter and I'm all for any excuse to hide small things around the house so they are going to have quite an egg hunt that morning. I'm going to hide plastic eggs with instructions on where to find the next egg. I was going to do it outside but realized the boys would be embarrassed to run around the yard hunting eggs with the neighbors watching. (some girls live next door and they are in the same class with the boys and I know there would be resistance to hunting eggs outdoors)

Since LittleBrother(11) has taken such an interest in rough gemstones and rocks and such - each of his eggs will have a little gem or rock in it that he can stick in a rock tumbler. I suspect that we will all be carrying keychains with polished rocks on them in the near future. I don't know what will be in BigBrother(13)'s eggs. Maybe jellybeans.

My stepgrandmother passed away this weekend and Sweety and I are driving to Missouri for the funeral on Thursday. In November of 2006, they found out she had cancer and only gave her 2-3 months to live but she hung on for this long. She'd really taken a turn for the worse lately and every time my mom called me, I expected her to tell me that she'd died.

At work, you get paid bereavement days off in the event of a death in the family. I'm using those days today, Thursday and Friday and they are pushing through a vacation day for me on Sunday. We'll be on the road about 50 hours from Wednesday morning to Saturday morning and I just don't think I'll feel like going to work on Sunday.

I'm so paranoid. Now that I realize today is Saint Patrick's day, I'm afraid that work will think I cooked this up to get off for 2 holidays. A friend of mine at work actually got written up for using too much bereavement time. She's older and in the span of 3 or 6 months had 5 close relatives die.

Chi Chi is having a day where she doesn't want to eat. She's on my lap and her stomach is growling and whistling like fireworks are going off in there. When she won't eat, I pretend that she is fasting for religious purposes or testing out becoming a breatharian. I'd rather think these things than fret over the fact that she is as old as dirt and will die someday. I'm going to the pet store to get some stuff to poke down her throat so she'll be getting nutrients on days like this. It happens maybe twice a month.

I better get moving.


Monogram Queen said...

So sorry to hear about your loss :( I am quite sure they won't think you are taking time off for St. Pat's. I hope they are not that big of an ass!
Your Easter plans sound so much fun. Those boys are so very very lucky to have you in their life. Sweety and the canines too.
Safe trip honey!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Sorry to read about your loss Chickie...It is hard losing those we love...! How amazimg that she hung in all this time!

Haapy Wearin' Of The Green, my dear...!

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Very sorry about your loss, Chickie.

Hope Chi Chi stops being a drama queen.

Safe travels.

Chickie said...

Thank you all. It's not like it was a surprise but it's still sad when someone passes.

themom said...

So sorry for you loss, although not a surprise, you are correct the sadness sets in. As for what to hide in the 13yr old's Easter eggs -- hmmm. guess it's too soon for condoms right!?!?! Have a safe trip over the Easter holiday.

Chickie said...

themom - The mention of condom's for 13 year old's reminds me of something that Sweety told me this weekend! Must go blog now :)