A Bit of Nothing

I thought that there was a problem with the cell phone towers or something because my beloved iPhone has been getting no signal at all when I'm at home. I angrily told Sweety the other night that the only thing the phone would be good for was throwing if someone busted into the house intent on hatcheting me to death. I figured out today why it had turned into a useless hunk of metal. It was due to the glittery cell phone cover that I put on it about a week ago. I love the glitter but I like being able to talk on my phone more so I ditched it today. It must have been made in China and coated in lead based paint before being dipped in glitter.

Awhile back, Kat mentioned that she used some mineral makeup and that it didn't sweat off. That part stuck in my head and I'd been thinking about getting some ever since. I've been in Florida for almost 7 years now and have basically quit wearing makeup because I sweat it off before I leave the house. I was in the drugstore the other day and saw that they had all kinds of mineral makeups and couldn't make up my mind (ha, make up my mind!) on what kind to get and decided to come home and research it on the trusty internet.

Well, someone save me for I have discovered Sephora.com. I went nuts last Friday night and ordered everything I need (even an eyeshadow!!!) to spackle my head. It should be delivered within the next day or so. I was creative and broke my order up so that I could score more free samples. I am sneaky like that.

And I vow to not buy any more bath bombs. At least not until Ginamonster is back in business. Then I'll buy some of hers. Bauble Bath had a bunch of bath bombs on sale the other day. For cheap. Reeeeeal cheap. Iordered20poundsofthem cheap. (20 pounds. That's half a Stinky Dog. Holy shit.) I've been looking at books and at things online to learn how to make them myself. I will use up all that I have (and all that are on the way) before I start cluttering up the kitchen, mixing up my own concoctions.

When I picked LittleBrother(11) up from school today, he piped up with, "We could just go home and get our stuff and move to New York. Really! We don't have any family down here! Let's go!" I'm looking at him like he has lost his pea-picking mind and he says, "Well, except for mom." Um, ya think? I told him that maybe we could go for a visit one of these days.

I have started steering the boys away from the ginger ale in the icebox because I like to use it to mix with Crown Royal. Is this a bad thing? I figure that juice is better for them anyway.


Patti said...

Why does he want to move to New York? That's funny!
Um no you are a good (step) Mom for not giving them ginger ale MIXED with Crown when they are bickering!

Chickie said...

He's talked about wanting to go there to visit but he kind of surprised me when he said that out of the blue.

Heh, when they're bickering I keep the Crown to myself!