Chi Chi says, "17 years of life for this?!"

Chi Chi the Magnificent

Crown Royal - $24.99
French fry to get your dog's attention - .05
The amusement you get every time you look at this photo - Priceless!


Regal said...


Patti said...

Honey Chi Chi was so lucky she had you to take care of her in her final time. Accidents happen. You wouldn't have had that happen for all the world. Try not to beat yourself up too bad. 17 is OLD and she led a good life.
This picture is hilarious. Chi Chi was such a good sport.

Chickie said...

Yeah, she was a good sport - when she wanted to be! :)

I'm trying not to beat myself up. I figure that in people years she was 119. 17 dog years or 119 people years...it's a long time any way you look at it.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is the dearest picture I've ever seen...! And look at all the grey aound her mouth...17 years...My Lordy, she was a game little doggie, wasn't she?
And such a good sport! (LOL).
You did good by her Chickie...You Truly Did!