What's Wrong With This Picture?

Bed Hog

I mean, besides the spot on the wall that Tiny Dog has been chowing down on?

This is Stinky's bed. Stinky is 40-odd pounds of doggy goodness. Tiny is 6 pounds of spoiled rotteness. Why am I not surprised that Stinky was clinging to the side of the bed? I'm afraid that Stinky will get tired of Tiny's shit and eat her someday.

The place that's freeze drying Chi Chi sent me a photo of her in "position" before they popped her into the freeze dryer so I could approve it. Her tongue isn't sticking out because we'd have had to have painted it when she was done and I wasn't crazy about that. I was afraid that we'd paint it the wrong shade of pink or that it would be all crinkly. Sweety reminded me that he has taxidermied and could paint it and I'd never even know but that still didn't seem right. Sure, I'll dry her into dog jerky, but I draw the line at painting her up.

I can't wait to see the look on Tiny's face when Chi Chi comes home.


Thomas said...

I soooo want to see your freeze dried doggie.
It sounds really disturbing, but in a cool way.


Chickie said...

Thomas - You will. Unless she looks like total shit. I hope she looks okay. She has to dry for 10-12 weeks.

I'll be able to dress her and she won't be able to fight me!

Mike said...

Not sure I could have Carmen freeze dried. Although the way she has been acting the last few days, I may have her freeze dried while she is still alive. I think I am going to have her cremated when her time comes. Then when I get cremated, they can mix her ashes with mine.

Chickie said...

Mike - You could cremate her and have her turned into a diamond and have it installed in one of your front teeth. That would be cool.

I couldn't cremate Chi Chi. I'm afraid I'd snort her. That is how much I love that little dog.

Monogram Queen said...

To each his or her own but I know
I couldn't freeze dry either, i'd cry and never get over the death. Seriously. I still miss Holly so much even though I only had her a few months. I can't stand to look at her Princess Costume or her Red Christmas Dress :( Why does losing pets have to hurt so much?

Anonymous said...

She has to dry for 10-12 weeks? That is a LONG time. Looking forward to see photographs of her when she comes home.

Sara Sue said...

OH MY GOD!!! You really did it?? In case I haven't told you lately ... I LOVE YOU!!! I would like to put in an early request for movies of Tiny & Stinky's faces when Chi Chi returns!! EEEE I'm so excited!!

moooooog35 said...


Now I want dog jerky.

Chickie said...

Monogram Queen - I think having her around where I can still pet her and talk to her will make me feel better. I'm pretending that she's asleep. You know, you probably have to be a touch crazy to freeze dry a pet.

Midwestern City Boy - If they don't do it slowly and take time, the body doesn't look right. If it's done properly, there's no distortion to the body.

Sara Sue - This will definitely be a video post! Stinky & Tiny prolly won't even recognize her because she won't smell the same. But I'm hoping that they do.

Moooooog35 - You can make your own in the oven. Slice them thin and leave it in overnight at 200. Puppies taste best.

Regal said...

You make me laugh out loud at work when it's really, really quiet...and then someone always wants to know why I'm giggling. The last line did it to me..."Sure, I'll dry her into dog jerky, but I draw the line at painting her up."

Chickie said...

Regal - Even though you laugh - you do see where I'm coming from, right? :)

Scott English said...

Very cool Chickie. I am not sure that I could handle seeing any of my cats hanging around after they'd used up their nine lives (that's why I have 6 containers for their ashes). But I can certainly appreciate why you would want her memorialized this way. I think thats awesome.

Ok, now, let me get this straight: Sweety can taxidermy as well? Is there anything this guy can't do? I hate the man! ;)

Mmmm jerky!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Stinky is one laid back doggie! LOL! Tiny is too much...but then, she always was....Gee, I cannot wait to see Chi Chi, too!

Rich | Championable said...

Yeah, my 60 pound retriever gets kicked off her bed by a cat. And now, by a puppy. It's very sweet, but I want her to stand up for herself, too.

Chickie said...

Scott English - She's probably the only dog I'll do this too. Because she meant so much to me and because she was so small. I couldn't afford to do it to Tiny or Stinky.

Sweety is a jack of all trades. He was also a certified EMT for awhile and he can build shit. Like additions onto houses. He's a very handy fellow.

Lady of the Hills - Yeah, Stinky doesn't care what's going on around her as long as she isn't being poked or stepped on. You can put dirty laundry over her head and she won't move. Tiny is definitely the dominant dog in the house. I sure hope Chi Chi looks good.

Rich Championable - Once in a blue moon, Stinky will show some teeth and snap at Tiny and she backs off. I've seen it happen a handful of times. Usually when Tiny is trying to grab Stinky's ears with her teeth and be drug around the house. So she does have her limits, I guess.