The Carnivorous Moon

Reason #256 why I don't need any of my own children:
This morning on the way to school when Sylvie(5) asked "Why is the moon following us?" I said "It's watching you. If you're bad it's gonna swoop down and eat you." I quickly followed up with a "Just kidding." I hope I haven't traumatized her. This was after a morning where I had to ask her to do everything twice before any results were seen.

Sweety is such a sucker. I came in the other morning and saw a box from HSN ready to go in the trash. "Hmm. What is this?" The invoice said something about being some kind of half dollars. I asked him about it yesterday and he got all embarrassed and said he didn't want to tell me what it was cause he was afraid I'd laugh. Told him too late, I already was so tell me what was bought. Apparently he spent over $400 on some kind of uncirculated money. It was 20 half dollars minted I don't know when. He said it was a moment of weakness at 2 in the morning when he was tired and couldn't find anything else to watch. I asked him if we need to block HSN and QVC on the tv.

It's my Friday! Yay! I guess I'll go put my earplugs in so I can get some sleep without listening to the dog munch on its toes.

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