Exercise=GOOD!, shitweasels & etc.

I am so pleasantly surprised with how well I'm doing with the working out thing. I'm going Tue, Wed, Thurs & Sat. It's a bitch to get out of bed and go but I know that when I'm done my energy level will be through the roof. It makes me want to come home and clean the house. If I get everything nice and tidy on Tuesday then I can spend Wednesday surfing the net, looking at useless stuff :)

It has been so cold that last few nights that we've been covering this one plant thing in the yard with a sheet and then uncovering it during the day. Today though I left it on cause the neighbors 3-legged cat was using it as a nap spot. I think he's been through enough. If I can help him nap in peace, so be it. I will remove the sheet before my Sweety gets home though so he won't know I let the plant go without light so a cat could be comfy.

The guy I sit next to at work, Dorkwad (DW henceforth), is very unhappy in his marriage. And has confided to me that a lady we work with that he takes a smoke break with gave him her phone number. He's thinking of having an affair. I told him he needed to get a divorce first. Apparently him and his wife haven't shared a bed in forever, they work opposite schedules and she doesn't want to get marriage counseling. I told him if he cheated he would be an official "shitweasel". English isn't his first language and the next day he asked me if that was a real animal. I told him it was just like a regular weasel but it was covered in it's own excrement, left shitty little wet footprints everywhere it went and it stole food. Preferably eggs and didn't wash them before it ate them. I didn't tell him, but if he cheats on his wife I'll move to another cube.

The boys seem to be doing okay since their stepdad's memorial service. Maybe he had a life insurance policy and their mother won't starve. Apparently she's incubating a girl. It was listed in the obit as a survivor. I fear once it gets here the boys will get no attention at all when they're with her. Maybe it will just all be overwhelming and she'll move away to be closer to her family and we can ship the boys to see her in the summer. I can always dream.

Got Napoleon Dynamite to watch tonight. I took the kiddos to see it in the theater but Sweety hasn't seen it yet. I love it. It totally reminded me of my junior high/high school years. Sometimes it's fun to look in the yearbook and see how big my bangs were. Or to review some of the homemade haircuts my sister and I had.

Speaking of sister... The repo man came by yesterday for her Mustang. I wasn't here. Sweety didn't know who the guy was at first and told him she was in Oklahoma. I told her it's only a matter of time before she wakes up and the car is gone. She says she's going to get it caught up next week. I ask you, is it any way to live, spending every year saying "When my taxes get in I'll get caught up."? And then never freaking doing it. Last year after tax time she gave me $600 to make up for the countless bail outs I'd given her but then she needed it again in a couple of months.

I have a meeting w/Sylvie's teacher on Thursday. We're going to try and figure out how to get her to get blending of sounds to make words. Good luck to us all.

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