Official Numbers & Stuff

Hips - 39
Waist (right below bellybutton) - 34
Waist (smallest part above bellybutton) - 31
Bust - 38
Thighs - 22
Upper Arm (wobbly thing I wanna get rid of - 12
Weight - 150

Okay. Now I will measure and weigh again in one month to see if this workout thing is giving me any noticeable results. Mental note to self: remember you are still swollen from surgery

I have also resolved to drink at least 64 oz of water a day. Maybe that will help cut down on my constant urge to graze!

I think the Xanax is really helping me not be so stressed at work. And since I'm not stressed when I get home from work I've noticed a decrease in the picking thing. Geez, I used to be normal. The Dr. said it would be a couple of weeks before the Paxil kicked in but I can already tell my stress level is down. Yay!

As long as I'm not crying at work maybe I'll keep this rotten job til I get canned/laid off/outsourced. Or maybe I'll get my bills paid off and stay at home and keep everything dusted and feed my family nice meals. Who freaking knows?

My sister, Nancy, asked yesterday if Sylvie could come and stay with her in OK when she gets out for Spring Break. I told her no. When we agreed to let Sylvie stay here and go to school it was on the condition she would finish the year here. The kiddo has already had to change schools once during her kidnergarten year. I asked Nancy to let me keep her til the end of the school year like we'd talked about and hopefully we'll be able to get her caught up with reading/phonics.

Nancy thinks it's completely okay to let some guy you've only known 2 weeks move in with her and her daughter and then let the guy discipline (spank) her kid. When I found out that was going on I went thru the roof. I mean if she can't control her child why does she think having some man her kid just met give her a spanking will help? Even though that situation is over it still pisses me off.

Sylvie is seems to be getting back in the swing of things here. No more yelling at me or Sweety or back talking or just the general temper tantrums she was having.

One of my sister's friends wants to buy her a motorcycle for her birthday. A Ninja. For a person who's never ridden one. I told her maybe she could ask him to pay off her car instead so she'll quit getting all of these repo notices in the mail. She still doesn't have a job that's worth a squirt of piss. She's working for cash in a bar getting about 20 hours a week. Sylvie's covered on my insurance while she lives here but I don't know what she'll do later. Sylvie's dad is supposed to have her on his insurance but my sister is too lazy to let the child support office or whoever know that he's not doing that.

Agh. I'm gonna quit thinking about it before I get annoyed. Better go fold my molehill of laundry before it turns into a mountain.

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