Wow do I feel rotten. Think I'm getting the flu.

I had to take the kiddos in this morning because Sweety had to go to work early. He's always so apologetic when he asks me to take the boys to school. He said he hates to ask me since they're his kids. If I've told him once, I've told him a thousand times - I knew he had kids when we got married and I expected to have parenting duties. It's neat when it's just me taking them because we have a chance to talk. I'm just glad that we all get along. The boys are great and luckily they seem to have adjusted well to having my niece here for the rest of the school year.

I feel bad cause today was when I was going to take my dog, Tasha to the dog park. But I just feel too crappy. Oh well. She loves laying in bed with Mama as much as she does going for a drive.

My friend Elaine wanted to know my blog address so she could check it out. Didn't give it to her though. I told her this is a place for me to talk about whatevers bugging me and I might not grouch here if I know she's reading. I'm kind of thinking of this blog as something for me to read back over later.

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