A Sigh of Relief

Work was lovely today. After the first call where someone just completely reamed me out for something that I have no control over I had a tasty little blue pill and the rest of the night went quite nicely. I think the question that I can never hear enough of at work is "I don't understand why I have this late fee." Well, you obviously don't have a good grasp of the obvious. I mean, if there's a self explanatory fee, late fee is it. Sometimes people kill me. I've NEVER called my credit card co, electric co, or any other place that I'm a customer of and acted like a jackass. It's just not kind. Too bad more people don't get that.

I'm still excited about my first workout in forever tomorrow. I can't wait to see what I can do with this lump of flesh before the summer. I'm working towards no jiggle. I've revealed my master plan to my Sweety. He now knows if I can stick to this exercise thing for 3 months and be nice to my body I am going to get a chihuahua. I can't wait. I miss having a tiny furball. He's okay with it as long as he can get some kind of big screen t.v. I don't understand wanting a huge t.v. It's not like we can't see the one we have. But I can't bitch I guess if I'm making plans for a 2 pound dog.

I got Tasha a new collar yesterday. It has a little can on it that you can put contact info in to help hasten her return if she gets lost. Which is highly unlikely since her nose is always stuck to my calf. She likes her new "clothes". It makes a jingle noise when she walks so it's already helped to keep me from tripping over her a couple of times.

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