Ahg! The Mess!

How the house look like a disaster area so quickly? Gee, maybe I should get off this damn box and quit reading about other people's lives and clean mine. Maybe I will later. I'll clean after I go exercise. I'll be so energized I'll just run through the house and make it all shiny.

I took the kiddos to school this morning. One of Sweety's driver's quit and he has to go in and do some of the driving til he finds a replacement. Hope it's soon. He was loading a pallet the other day and told me he dropped some pickles on his arm and was talking about how much it hurt. I thought he meant like a plastic gallon jar of pickles. No, it was a 5 gallon bucket that weighed like 50 lbs. His arm looks like it's been ran over.

I'm so glad I just polished off the last of the Chex Bold N Spicy Mix. Now it can't tempt me any longer.

I kinda overdid it at the gym on Saturday and think I pulled something in my back. DW at work noticed that I was sitting funny and offered to massage it. I haven't decided yet if he is a lecherous old man (I'm leaning toward that one) or just clueless. I politely declined his offer.

Gotta wash the stinky dog today. I had no idea a dog could have so many issues/skin conditions. Too bad she's so young. She's probably got another 10 years at least in her. At 2 wonderfully medicated baths a weeks that's only 1040 more times that I'll have to heave her in and out of the tub. Maybe I'll just go stick her in the freezer and be done with it. (just kidding, e)

Perhaps I'll go and be productive.

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