Reminder That I Can't Cook Worth A Damn

I just burnt my homemade chicken noodle soup. Geez louise batman. Actually there's no chicken in it. No chicken because when I made it last time Sylvie(5) kept asking "Why are there lungs in my soup?" And all I could think about was shredded lungs when I was eating even though I knew it was chicken. Just noodles, chicken broth and tons of carrots. Except most of them are stuck on the bottom of the pan. I put the lid on and came in here to catch up on the blogs I read. I thought by putting the lid on the liquid wouldn't evaporate out. The part I managed to salvage is tasty if not more than a little dry.

I managed to wash stinky dog, Tasha yesterday. Only 1049 more times left to lift her in and out of the tub. I think I'm gonna keep track and if she's still alive after time 1049 she's just not getting another bath. She'll have to die funky.

Think I pulled something exercising yesterday. My back hurt so much last night that I couldn't sleep. So I got out of bed in a semi-sleep state with my earplugs still in and ate 3 Ritz crackers dipped in blue cheese dressing, a piece of cold pizza and all of the soda straight from the bottle that I could. My back still hurt and then I had to get up 100 times to pee.

Took a pregnancy test the other day. Thankfully, a big fat negative. I have little worry twinges every now and then even though I'm on the pill. I was eating antibiotics after the surgery and got mixed up one day and took 2 pills then didn't take one the next day. It's reassuring to know that none of my eggs have been violated.

Gonna go eat lunch today with my friend Mary from work. Well, she just got fired but I met her at work. This is the first time in the 3 years that I've been here that I've made enough of a friend to see outside of work. We're gonna meet at the Cracker Barrel. Beans and cornbread and hot sauce - here I come! For some reason, the friends I make are usually a lot older than me. My best friend in TX is like 25 years older than me and I'm not sure about Mary but she has a son that's almost 20. I think I can blame my sore back on my TX friend, Elaine. She told me that she's been doing 150 sit-ups a day so I've been like "Elaine does 150. I can too." While I strain away on the ab roller. I think after about 90 I start to lift myself funny and that hurt my back. Or maybe I just didn't drink enough water yesterday and my kidneys are letting me know.

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