As Close to Loving My Job as Humanly Possible

I almost like going to work now. It's hard for me to remember the kind of chaos I was in at work just 2 short weeks ago, exactly one floor up from now I where sit. I am very content to be an ant at my job. The world needs ants to keep everything going. And I get a lot of book reading time in with my phone on mute.

Just saw Sweety off to work. One of his driver's is out again so he's outta here way early. Saturday we have a date. Sylvie is off to the sitter's and we are out to paint the town red. Or mauve.

He brought up my blog again the other night. I told him I wouldn't send him the link but I would send him the posts. I did and he deleted them without reading them. I am so surprised. He is so nosy I just knew he wouldn't be able to hit the delete button. I wonder if he will go back and undelete them tomorrow.

I can't wait til Tuesday gets here. I'm gonna sleep for at least 7 straight hours. I sure do love my bed. I wish I was a bear. Or a wombat. I just like that word. Wombat. Wombat. Wombat. They are cute as hell.

When I blink I can hear my eyelids trying to stay slammed shut. Going to bed. I'm too dinged out for words.

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